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“I know what I saw.”

Those words had been playing repeatedly in her mind for several days now and she thought she was going crazy.

Not just that.

There was a series of a few more unexplainable things that happened but she couldn’t describe them in words.

Like how the tape of her Britney Spears cassette magically became all flat and smooth again after being crumpled and torn, and was even stuck inside her Walkman as it was running out of battery.

She tried so hard to loosen the tangled tape inside just so she could take the precious cassette out. However, one side had a slit, and it ripped a good one inch of the tape as she attempted to pull it. She got upset and threw the whole thing inside the drawer, not wanting to look at the mess anymore.

Though the next day, she opened the drawer to find the cassette was already unstuck and the Walkman was just working properly.

She spent hours unrolling the tape to find the crumpled, torn signs but there were none. She checked again, again and again.

“I know what I saw, Drey,” she told her best friend. “I’m not making this up.”

Drey just shrugged, unable to process the complaints thrown at him. He was thinking most likely one of Yzna’s parents must have fixed the tape somehow.

She told him the story how her homework that was supposed to be submitted on Monday showed up magically on the teacher’s desk that morning even though she knew not only she forgot to complete it, she had also left it at home.

“I couldn’t have brought the book to school over the weekend when the school is closed,” she added. “Can you explain that?”

There was no way she could forget how panicking she was that morning when she found out that the book was not in her backpack.

And how weird that one of her classmates came to thank her for lending the book so they could copy some of her work.

The assignment was given on Friday. There was no way she had entered the teachers’ room on Saturday and Sunday when it was locked. She had no memories of completing the assignment too.

All she did that Monday morning was pray hard. Real hard. The moment the teacher asked for it, her face turned red and her palms were all sweaty. All she could hope for was a miracle.

Like maybe the teacher could move the submission date to the next day.


“Stop it!” Drey was getting annoyed. “I really don’t know what to say about this.”

“You don’t think I’ve gone crazy?”

He snorted. “You’re always crazy.”

Their conversation ended there as Drey’s comforting smile cheered her up a little bit. Yes, she knew she could have an overactive imagination, or that she just didn’t sleep enough.

Or that the month had been pretty exhausting with all the preparations for the coming final exams, thus her brain traveled far and returned with impossible thoughts.

One just needed to look closely and pay attention.

She went to sleep that night after brainstorming the possibilities, in this case, things that people normally think don’t exist.

Her body suddenly began to shiver, but at the same time she felt hot that she pushed down the blanket with her legs, letting some breeze from the fan grazing her face.

At 3 AM she realized she was getting a fever. Her head began hurting that she felt too weak to get up for painkillers.

She murmured ‘cold’ but she couldn’t reach the blanket she had thrown down from the bed. Shaking, she forced herself to move slowly towards the side of the bed, reaching out for the blanket on the floor. That was when she saw someone entering through her door.

“Mom..?” Her eyes narrowed to focus on a figure that was coming towards the bed. It resembled a person, though strangely it was too big to be her mother, too tall to be her father or any of her siblings.

There was some peculiar brightness coming from this figure, as if it was a person wearing a very fluorescent sky blue clothing. Too bright that Yzna squinted her eyes, making the figure’s face turn blurry from her sight.

Just like watching a headless man with vibrant sky blue pyjamas walking closer.

This ‘man’ blanketed her with the blanket he picked up from the floor, and quietly walked away without waiting for her to thank him.

The door was gently closed. She was left speechless.

She promised that she would remember everything in the morning, as soon as she could get up from bed. She fell asleep telling herself that it wasn’t a dream.

Her alarm went off at 6.30 AM and she woke up with the same blanket on her. The fever apparently went away but her eyes were sore, indicating that she did have a terrible headache overnight.

“Oh that was weird,” she spoke, as she entered her parents’ bedroom to check the clothes they were wearing to sleep last night. None of them were sky blue.

Or glowing even.

That sent shivers down her spine. As she walked out, her mother began asking questions.

“Is everything okay?”

Yzna wasn’t sure of the right answer for that, but she didn’t want to tell lies either.

“I didn’t feel so good last night,” she told her mother.

“Wanna rest at home today?” Her mother responded.

Knowing that she couldn’t afford to skip a lesson, Yzna replied, “No, I can’t miss any exam hints from the teachers.”

“Okay,” her mother walked towards the bathroom and Yzna turned around to go back to her room, but then she had a second thought.

“Nobody entered my room to give me a blanket last night, right?”

“No, I don’t think so,” came a response from behind the half opened door of the bathroom.

She knew what she saw, so she decided to sneakily meet Drey outside again after school.

She spent the whole school hours thinking about last night, and the glowing sky blue figure in her room. Was it an alien?

“A mind is a powerful thing,” said Drey when he was told the whole story.

“You’re calling me crazy,” she sounded frustrated.

“I’m not saying you’re crazy,” he chuckled. “I just think I haven’t seen ghosts before, so no, I don’t believe in them.”

“So it’s okay if I start believing that they exist?”

“I guess. These things have been going on for a while now and you’re not a child anymore, I’m sure you know what’s real and what’s not. I just don’t want to end up overthinking it like you’re doing right now.”

“I’ll prove it, Drey. I promise. I will make you believe it too.”

It felt like hoping for a miracle, but that was the only thing she could come up with; encounter another glowing sky blue creature and take pictures of it.

Or maybe try to communicate with it.

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