I woke up early this Tuesday, only to find that I would be exiled from Earth and floated into space by the time I could comprehend the punishment. In this world—misconceptions like me are created only to be torn apart by universal unknowns for the love of science. Or should I say the love for the science of eternity.

It is the year 2518. Darkness transpired what little we have left known as the essence of vital humanity and Earth is almost no more. Devolving back to the beginning of the unknown and the creation of light, the stake of mankind is at risk. Human beings overtime have become fossilized – a pigment of dust that clogged Earth of its pours due to the superior fetish – the scientific revolution. Technology and Chemicals have become the new elements of Earth, stripping away the early foundations of natural survival, killing what good is known to the good man and leaving it for the bad. And all these years of solitary confinement have really saved the documented criminals from the government.

The ones who have committed crimes against the world must prepare to be transported into space to test its sustainability for the others. I was chosen among the few. The best part is that NASO (Administration has been changed to Operation) knows that the last experiment, only a year ago resulted in 50 citizens frozen to black ice and consumed by the deep chasm of darkness we gaze at on the most beautiful nights. When the east and west moon battle for the chance to outshine the other while illuminating the dusky deep purple night sky. To refuse is a crime where the penalty is death.



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Valeria Lake

Community Manager + Contributer

Brittany Jones

Contributing Writer

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