Writing can get lonely sometimes. Simply because of a constant need of solitude to arrange thoughts and ideas into work that you’re proud of. While friends and family are well- meaning and generally have you and your story’s best interest at heart, relating to the complexity of characterization or creating a consistent voice can be a difficult concept for them to grab.

The good news is: you are not alone. Writers everywhere understand this and have begun actively participating in writing communities all over the web as a result!

You may be wondering if joining a writing community is a big deal as you’ve managed this long without being a part of one. But since great minds tend to think alike, being apart of a community of others with writers’ minds could only be beneficial.

There are other compelling reasons to join one—or a few. Consider these:

Support & Encouragement

Writers know writers. They understand that we all struggle with building worlds from scratch, creating a character you can’t help but be in love with, to struggling with dialogue, or creating an intense plot. Writing communities provide an environment for you to express your struggles with others who understand and experience trial in the same areas as you.

These are your people—and they will be there for you, to pull you out of your despair and motivate you to attack those last thousand words!


Have you ever gotten to a point in your story where something is not working, but you just can’t pinpoint it? You don’t want to ask your friends and family for their opinion because, let’s be honest, they’ll just say it sounds great to avoid hurting your feelings (even when you know it doesn’t).

Submitting a difficult piece to your writing community allows you to get honest, actionable feedback while you’re still working on your script.


For many writers who are self- publishing, joining a writing community can easily be beneficial. Being involved will provide the chance to learn interesting marketing tricks and techniques from pros in the business.

Also, most online writing communities dedicate space for writers to promote their work, so sharing with a wider audience (one who knows and is willing to support you) instantly is attainable!


We’ve outlined the benefits. Now check out a few of the coolest communites we came across!

  1. Absolute Write Water Cooler

Absolute Write is a popular community of writers, editors, and publishing professionals with a variety of resources. It welcomes anyone with an interest in all types of writing from fiction, to freelance writing, to poetry, songwriting, and even greeting cards. Some of the most useful resources on this site are book promotion, mentors and writing buddies, and even writing exercises and prompts.

  1. AgentQuery Connect

AgentQuery Connect is perfect for feedback and critiques. Not only that, but if you are a serious writer and are on the search for an agent for example, you may want to make this site your first stop. You’ll also be able to learn how to market your book throughthis site once its published!

  1. BookRix

BookRix is great for those writers who are looking to self- publish as the site dedicates an entire page to self- publishing help. Additionally, the community is full of diverse topics that can help any writer improve.

  1. Figment

This writing community is well- designed, easy to navigate, and offers an active board. Covering topics ranging from generic such as writing advice, to off the wall and detailed such as cover design. The community is fun, engaging, and because the boards are extremely active and welcoming, it’s the prefect group to get you started in your writing community search.

  1. Mibba

Mibba tends to welcome a younger group of writers but is welcome to any age group. Its users create blogs and write narrative stories that can be critiqued by other members. The community nurtures young authors by providing an active community, collaboration opportunities, and peer feedback. It’s ideal for young writers who are in need of extra support.


Joining a writing community is one of the best decisions you can make in terms of improving your skill. Take advantage of the above- named communities and any others you may find for inspiration. You will be amazed at how connecting with other writers will add value to your writing life and improve your work!


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Valeria Lake

Community Manager + Contributer

Valeria is an English major at Florida State University from Atlanta, GA by way of Florida. She enjoys writing and sharing stories whenever possible because of their limitless expression. And when not indulging, you may find her styling a friend or organizing an event!
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