About Us

Syllble (pronounced syl• la • ble) is an online literary community and press that aims to bring words and people together.

Who we Are

Syllble believes that writers can go further by working together through collaboration and crowdsourcing.  Syllble empowers writers to express themselves, share ideas and create new and bold stories that make us think differently.   Our mission is the advancement of all writers to lead in the 21st century creative economy and change the world.

Why we exist

Across history, there has been a long of tradition of writers connecting in small groups at local gathering places to support and critique each other’s work, share ideas and build community. Those encounters and collaborations have often fueled literary movements that have in turn generated social, intellectual and artistic explosions which has contributed to human progress. Stories are a universal medium to change lives. At Syllble, we believe that creativity and fiction stories will transform the lives of people around the world.

That is our aim. Now, connecting writers all over the globe in this new era of the internet.

the lost generation.

A group of  American expatriate writers lived in Paris and searched for new values and the meaning of the human condition in a post-WWI world. Those who defined this literary movement  included  Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, T.S Elliot and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

the harlem rennaissance.

A literary revolution that took place in Harlem, New York. It was the rebirth of African-American Arts and was spurred by the rampant legal segregation and lack of economic opportunities that caused the mass movement of  African-Americans to northern states. Duke Ellington, Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Lois Mailou Jones, and Alain Locke are prominent figures of the period.

the beat generation.

Spurred by the collaborations of Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs and Gregory Corso, the beat generation was a literary movement during the post-war II era that rejected western values and deep materialism. It influenced people’s move towards spiritual quest and exploration, non-conformity and spontaneous creativity.

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Meet the founders 

Fabrice Guerrier

Fabrice Guerrier

Co-founder & CEO

With more than 10 years leading organizations and management experience, Fabrice is obsessed with innovating new ways for writers and creatives to lead in this digital age and the fourth industrial revolution. Fabrice is an Haitian-American multi-time author, essayist, poet, a TEDx keynote speaker, a PEN American Center PEN Haiti Fellow and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. Fabrice founded Syllble to be a creative home for writers all over the world who believe that fiction and their stories can fundamentally change the world. A space where creative writers could share ideas, collaborate, build new universes and actualize their deepest dreams together.

David Russell

David Russell

Co-founder & CMO

Often sighted dancing and smiling, David’s passion for creativity brings fun and enthusiasm to all of his projects. As a freshman at Florida State, he created a platform to help students buy and sell class notes online, Moolaguides.com. After achieving over $400,000 in revenue with over 20,000 users, he sold the business and traveled the world while producing the podcast Scale to Success. Now based in South Florida, David helps businesses develop their online presence through his consulting firm Let’s Chat Marketing. For fun, he posts art on his Instagram page Frosencheeze, where he encourages friends and family to share their creations.

Some of our amazing writers 

Elena Novak

Worcester, Massachusetts

Elena graduated with her master’s degree in International Development at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts in 2019. She received her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing in 2014, then spent two years teaching English in Spain. She has experience as a published journalist and poet, but this is her first foray into fiction writing.

Colin Goodwin

United Kingdom

Colin started earning money delivering evening newspapers after school, and ended up, somewhere along his career path, referring to himself as a materials scientist. Colin has been a practitioner of a martial art for over 20 years, has studied shiatsu, and practices yoga and meditation. He has written extensively for work during his career, and intermittently for pleasure since.

Valeria Lake

Atlanta, Georgia

Valeria Lake is a visionary, she thrives when opportunities of creativity arise and enjoys seizing these projects with an open mind and fresh ideas. When she is not writing, you may catch her developing a brand or concept, planning a major event in her city, or fixing technological issues for Apple users across the globe. She is a risk taker, student to life, and lover of all things write!

Roberta Novis


Roberta is a Brazilian writer, journalist and sociologist. She has been writing poems and short stories since a very young age. She has a PhD in Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science and works with public policy and research in Brazil. Roberta lives in Brazil.

Steve Cousler

Las Cruces, New Mexico

Steven began writing in late middle-school with a group of friends. They put together scripts for action adventure shorts they would film on a run-down camera. An english teacher, Mrs. White, showed him some of the classics and from then on he was determined to become a writer. He set about reading the classics authors, Victor Hugo, Orwell, Chaucer and Shakespeare, Dickens, and a score of others for if he wanted to write, he wanted to learn from the best. Steven is pursuing a MFA in Creative Writing at New Mexico State University.

Taiwo Adesina

Washington, D.C.

After she came close to winning a spelling bee in the third grade, Taiwo Adesina has dedicated her life to the mastery, compilation and sharing of words through descriptive story-telling. Originally from California, Taiwo has a passion for using words to describe some of her wild experiences ranging from shark cage diving in South Africa, to Peace Corps in Senegal to zip-lining in Honduras. She doesn’t believe a picture is worth a thousand words, she believes a thousand words are.  She currently lives in Washington DC with her running shoes, Mac Book, Moleskin journals and Thesaurus.

Jwana Nassar


Jwana is a twenty-one-year-old Palestinian who lives in Bethlehem.  At the age of 12, she got inspired by her English teacher at school who discovered her amazing writing talent. She’ll be graduating from Bethlehem University in June 2019 and she’ll be starting her professional journey as an English Teacher. Therefore, she, too, hopes to inspire the new generations to be the future young writers and she will be going on this path until the end.

Scha Iriney


Scha is a Italy-based Malaysian writer who fantasizes about everything and anything. My spirits are lifted after listening to a good song while sipping hot coffee in the midst of freezing winter, or simply by writing my own stories.

S.A. Borders-Shoemaker

United States

Hailing from the Virginia Tidewater region, S.A. Borders- Shoemaker is a specialist in Conflict Analysis & Resolution and avid writer. She is published in a variety of outlets, both political and creative; and is deeply involved with her community. Her favorite moments are spent exploring with her husband, Tim, and their corgi, Edmund.

Umesh Bajagain


Call me Umesh/Sudip. Started off as a science teacher that leapt me 10 years ahead, and with an epiphany of fiction—joined the virtual world as an aspiring writer. I love writing fiction, satire and poetry—kinda tightening the grip. Pursuing Masters Degree in English literature and working as a Desk Editor in a weekly magazine—makes me happy, for my necessities are meeting my passion.

Bolton Smith 

Washington, D.C.

Bolton is a short story writer and playwright who lives in Washington D.C. He recently graduated from Georgetown University. 

Ansonia Jones 


Ansonia Jones is a thirty-something novice writer from southeast Louisiana. Having (allegedly) read her first book aloud at the tender age of one, she has possessed a lifelong love of literature and fiction. After reading the Bluest Eye by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison in a Borders bookstore one evening, Ansonia had an epiphany about the type of writing she wanted to do: she wanted to write from the perspective of the marginalized and the overlooked.

Jacquline Wambui


Jacquline is a mother to one boy and an aunt to many. She live in Nairobi, Kenya the only city in the world with a National park. During her free time she loves traveling, reading, and cooking. She has read a lot of books from different authors that she can’t remember, but her favorite books remain to be the Nancy drew and hardy boys series. She enjoys reading a great thriller with a bit of romance

Oliver Fox

United States 

Oliver was raised on fairytales, mythology, and tall tales told at the dinner table. So, it’s no surprise he can’t figure out what to call his stories. Speculative Fiction? Magic Realism? Weird Fiction? But those labels all sound a bit pretentious. The simple answer is: he writes Horror. Although, don’t expect any gruesome violence or jump scares. Oh— for what it’s worth, he has his BFA in Creative Writing and is currently working on his MFA.

Jared Liverpool

Chicago, U.S.

Jared is a filmmaker, writer, dancer, and an entrepreneur. In collaboration with studying journalism at Florida A&M University (FAMU) most of his writing, filming, directing and editing skills have been self-taught. He tirelessly reads blogs, study YouTube videos, and analyzes feature films – especially from the icons Steven, Spielberg, Michael Bay, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, and Martin Scorsese — to build his own library of talents that currently are translated into his projects. Overall, as a burgeoning artist, his sense of self is evolving. As a filmmaker and a writer, he loves to tell stories, share experiences. But He is open to anything. He wants to be the guy in the room that knows nothing and learns everything.

Estar Gathur

United Kingdom

Estar is a KenBrit (Kenyan living in Britain) and lives in the culturally vibrant Southeast of London with her daughter (the real love of her  life), and her little dog, Blu. Her favorite writer is Chimamanda Ngozi because she’s fearless. She also likes Cat Marnell because she’s mental, and She likes Paulo Coelho because he’s grounded and Stephen King because he’s super creative.

Dominick Alleva 


Dominick is a lover of cosmic horror, and dark fiction. he enjoy the thrills of what a great story can bring to its readers. He looks up to the horror minds of Stephen King, H.P Lovecraft, and Ray Bradbury for inspiration in my works. He looks to pursue his passion in writing as a career and push the genre of horror forward. 

Brittany Cook

United States

Brittany is an established content writer and entrepreneur who loves to travel. As a life-long learner, she devotes time towards educating herself in the area she is most passionate. She writes stories that are true to life, mysterious, and inspiring. Her life, with five kids, is depicted as an adventure in the outback providing numerous twists and turns.

Steven Thompson

California, U.S. 

Steven is a curious, compassionate contrarian who lives in Los Angeles California with his wife and son. By day he works as a school administrator with at risk students with special needs. He hosts a podcast called The Steven Thompson Experience that you can find on Apple Podcasts. He writes a weekly blog called The Steven Thompson Experience.  Steven looks forward to sharing his sci-fi super hero series, The Adventures of Aquafunkapus and the band of misfit heroes.

Jovana Jović


As a translator and an aspiring writer, Jovana knows the importance of words. Writing since her childhood, she always found comfort in imagination and stories. After attending a literary workshop, Jovana realized it was time for her to share her pen craft with the rest of the world. She also runs a blog yociwrites.com, which she has recently rebooted and intends to use as a place of relief for thoughts. Jovana finds inspiration in everything around her and then puts it to paper.

Gary Zenker

Westchester, Pennsylvania, U.S. 

Gary is a storyteller. By day, he helps companies tell their stories to other businesses, consumers and their own employees. With over a dozen marketing awards earned, he must be pretty good at it. By night, he crafts short fiction to tell tales of the characters and tales that escape from his imagination and onto the screen. And while may be branded a serial storyteller, his characters themselves rarely return after their story is told.

Roel Escamilla 

Florida, U.S. 

Roel, who also writes under the name R.E.Duncan, is a Marine Corps veteran and public school educator is Northeastern Florida. He is also a active member of several writing groups and an avid beta reader. He has a passion for Sci-Fi, fantasy and YA/NA Lit. He also writes creative nonfiction. When he isn’t writing or teaching he can be found on his farm or the mats training in BJJ.