• “You wanna see a ghost?” my friend Mike asked out of nowhere.

    I set down my beer and looked at him quizzically. “A ghost?” I echoed.

    “Yeah, I know where there is supposed to be one.”

    “Right. And I know where Blackbeard buried his treasure at Nags Head.”

    “No, for real.” He was sitting on a ratty sofa in his small apartment, looking rather sinc…Read More

  • Ahmed. I feared you would hate me for running away to join you. Now I fear you will have me for what I have become.

    I saw the dreadful things you saw. Women torn from their children. Little shoes laying scattered on the beach. Families forced back to their bloodstained countries by laws devised by players sitting in their castles far away. I saw…Read More

  • This would be a powerful article for sure. A reflection of the African world. I totally didn’t know about what you write until I read it. It’s sad, and it won’t stop there, I believe. When people use violence against the other. It spreads almost everywhere, if not everywhere. Besides, by our nature, the violence ends up giving us joy instead of…Read More

  • Hello fellow writers, I apologise I’ve been away for a while but now I’m back yay!! Please check out my latest post Afrocide – a modern tradegy. This one is not fiction, it’s based on the things we are witnessing in South Africa. Your opinion is highly anticipated and will be appreciated. Many thanks

  • Mahatma Gandhi said an eye for eye makes the whole world blind.

    This is one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write, but I had to. I write in solidarity with others wanting peace and cohesion and in the hope that the violence will come to an end.

    Although all the videos I’ve seen are circulating on social media, I won’t post any or give…Read More

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