I sat outside on my front porch waiting, for what? I still don’t know. Something tells me I never will. I recall that the world felt both warm, yet malevolent as the sky turned a blood red, and the sun faded into darkness. The touch of night kissed my skin with cool lips, and the sound of crickets chirping could be heard for miles. I looked out into the distance. Observing the rolling hills, and I was taken-a-back by the sheer amount of open space.           

 Sometimes you can forget how good you really have it. I along with my father, and two older brothers all built this house after the war ended. My Father and I both served, and fought in the D-Day invasion. I live alone. I never had time for a wife, or a family. I wanted those things when I was younger, of course, but the stars never aligned for that to be a real possibility.  I lit a cigar, and went back inside to fix myself a drink.

 I was pouring myself a cup of whiskey when I thought I caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of my eye. I turned sharply to see whatever may have been there, but it was nothing.

 “My eyes must be fucking with me again.”

 I said running my fingers through my hair, and  taking my drink outside. What a hell of a night, I thought, taking a sip of my whiskey.  I swore I heard something move, and jerked my head quickly around because I thought I saw whatever it was again. This time I know I really saw it. It  seamed to have the figure of a woman, its clothes , and skin were as pale as a ghost, and it seamed to glide through the air. Hiding away just out of view.


 I shouted getting up to investigate.

 “This is private property! Means no trespassers!”

  I shouted as I walked around the back. I froze. Something in the air felt colder than normal. The grip of fear slowly inched its way up my throat. The crickets stopped chirping, I noticed, trying to bring myself to move forward. The silence was deafening, and it hurt to breathe.

 I finally gathered enough strength to turn the corner, but when I did  nothing was there. I laughed to myself in stunned amusement. Walking back to my front porch I downed the rest of my glass, killed my cigar, and went inside.

 Walking up the stairs I started reflecting on life, and all the choices I’ve made. I’ve made 53 years of choices, and I haven’t  made a lot of good ones I admitted to myself, slipping off my clothes, and crawling into bed. As sleep has done since birth it carried me away to its conferring lands of imagination.

  That’s when I heard a thud, and I woke up. I tried to move, but couldn’t. I attempted to see where the noise was coming from. Unfortunately for me whatever it was it was just out of sight. It’s presence  felt heavy, and slow, but calculated with its movements. I felt like, for the first time in my life, prey. This thing, I knew, was just off to my right, yet out of sight, but I could hear it inch it’s way closer. As it neared I could hear its breathing slow to a calm, and decisive halt. Whatever it was knew it had no time, for indecision.

 I started panicking, but couldn’t scream my mouth wouldn’t open. I couldn’t fight  my body won’t move, and that also means I can’t run. I had to lay there, and let whatever was going to happen, happen. It got so close I could swear I felt it’s breath. Then I  felt something cold, and tangible whatever it was felt like ice cold steal. I closed my eyes hoping to fall back to sleep, and escape this nightmare. I eventually I did, and woke up the next morning. Getting out of bed my sheets were soaked, and so where my clothes.

 “What the fuck.”

 I whispered out loud.  I turned for the door when I felt a sharpe pain in my chest, my left arm went numb. I collapsed on the floor clutching at my chest.  I knew I wasn’t getting up off that floor, so, I embraced death as I did with sleep, and drifted away.

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