Adelehin’s Story Pitch

Adelehin's Story Pitch

Story Pitch: 

Xho’va is a 4th generation automaton tasked with raising one of the artificially produced children of Pina, Nitiri. Nitiri loves and adores her father, and likewise Xho’va—as much as sentient A.I could. When Nitiri, age 6, demonstrates an aptitude for magic in the anechoic chambers of Pina, Xho’va’s programming kicks in. His code is clear on what to do with children like Nitiri: He must destroy his beloved child, for magic must not be allowed to fester in the gene pool again.

Themes / Tropes: 

Fatherhood, Utopia, Time travel, Free will, Determinism.


  • ❖After the destruction of Mawe-Pinah, the Automatons on Mawe’s moon, Pinah start repopulating the moon of the dead planet with humanity via an elaborate system of invitro fertilization and artificial gestation. 
  • ❖Children are paired with an automaton who raises them in a parent-child relationship. Children are encouraged to demonstrate their aptitude for magic.
  • ❖Children are told that if they demonstrate a high aptitude for magic, theyd be taken to the home planet ‘Mawe’, a kind of heaven. All children are excited about this and really want to show their magical abilities. 
  • ❖However, the automatons, not wanting the humans to make the same mistake of their ancestors,  are only building a society of people with zero powers whatsoever. It’s a kind of selective breeding, with the hopes that in generations to come, the magic trait will be completely lost.
  • ❖A system of determining aptitude for sound magic (used on Zezefeni in Toba and Cheryl’ story) is also used by the automatons on the children when they are six in a ‘coming of age’ ceremony. 
  • ❖The test involves Xan’s carnivorous plants and anechoic chamber. The child is instructed to sing the creation myth song to a seed of the sound carnivore in an anaechoic chamber. If a child has an aptitude for sound magic, the seed germinates and grows into a seedling right in front of everyone’s eyes.   
  • ❖ Children who show affinity are euthanized, blended and used as nutrients for growing fetuses. 

Opening scene: 

  • Nitiri excited about the ceremony. Xho’va is wary. 
  • When Nitiri takes her test the seed doesnt just grow into a seedling; it grows into a giant oak tree, destroying the anechoic chamber.
  • Xho’va has to wrestle with his own programming and an antagonistic first generation Artificial intelligence if he is going to have a chance to save Nitiri.

Other story elements:

Mawe’s desolation: A planet in fast forward. Time is broken on Mawe.If you visited Mawe, you would grow old in minutes and die. In Mawe, the suns run across the skies as if chasing one another–speedily. Night becomes day and day becomes night as quickly as possible as time passes unnaturally fast. Seasons change in a blink, seas dry up and mountains dessicate in mere hours. This is the consequence of messing with time travel magic.

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