Eugen Bacon ‘Sina’ story pitch

Eugen Bacon ‘Sina’ story pitch


Title:               Sina, the Child with no Echo

Author:          Eugen Bacon

Genre:            Dark Fantasy (elements of horror)

Word count: Up to 7,500



‘Othering’. Longing and belonging, engaging with difference. The unexpected hero/ine.

The story of a family that finds itself.



Ekwukwe, the hollow planet in the Sauútiverse. Barren, full of rocks and caves.

[Spartan society in a dangerous society surrounded by beasts, where echo is vital]



In Ekwukwe, the hollow planet, a child is born without an echo (the shape of his tongue is wrong), to his parent’s distress. Sina is abandoned as a baby at the edge of the desert forest, but none of the creatures can sense him, because he has no echo. His childless aunt Zawa-Zawa, who is a keeper of knowledge and also a member of the federation of planets, rescues him and raises him as her own. She is unable to teach him echoes and so trains him on the art of defence using the looping vushale-le, a magical spear, at which he becomes expert.


Being without echo turns out to be a gift. Sina becomes a skilled beast hunter, until he meets his match in the carnivorous Impudu-pudu, ultrasensitive to echo and vibration. To outwit the beast, he must join forces with his estranged birth sister Rehema’re—who is gifted with magical echo.


Notes: See attachment for full story pitch, including essentials about this world, characterisation, etc.

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