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Story pitch

The working title of this story is “Blood Brother

The story is set on Wimbo, where there is a very good school of ancient history and archaeology. Students from the other planets come here to study, because despite efforts to move the school to the other planets, there is no better place to look up old ruins and artefacts.

Th story begins when Yah-yah, a Zezepfenite student who is in the School of History at Wimbo, suffers a fainting fit in class. Upon treatment, he is found to be suffering the ill effects due to the difference in the atmospheric condition of his home planet and Wimbo, and the incompatibility of his system to the atmospheric conditions of the planet Wimbo.

Because of the difference in the amount of the oxygen concentration his blood can bear, the solution for him is a blood transfusion with a local, but his blood type is rare, and he cannot find a match. Until he meets Toonday, who is of the the ‘ruba tribe, and a perfect match, both blood and tissue wise.

Theirs is first a bond of necessity, as the two of them have to exchange blood from time to time, and the two of them have to be on very rich diets to boost the blood formation. Toonday is from a much poorer background, so Yah-yah, the comparatively more moneyed Zezepfenite,  has to be responsible for his feeding to make sure the Wimbonite is in a good enough place to be able to donate blood to him regularly (weekly). Yah-yah tries to pay him for the blood transfusions, but as they grow closer, Yah-yah just places money in his account, and Toonday sends money home.

Bit by bit, the bond of necessity becomes a friendship.

When the school is going on break at the end of the year, Yah-yah does not go, but stays with Toonday’s family, and then he comes face to face with the poverty they face, which shows him his own level of privilege. He travels home to Zezepfeni and comes back sooner than he expected to, claiming he wanted to come there and study to prepare for school and second year.  They enter second year, Yah-yah, who by this time genuinely enjoys Toonday’s company, asks him to come with him to Zefeni.

Toonday gets permission from his family and accompanies Yah-yah to Zefeni, where he learns more about the ways of life of the Zefeni, how they are more advanced than his people, and how they have so many things that make life far easier. He is shocked by his first-hand experience of the fact that Yah-yah’s pregnant mother is flat bellied, and he is shown that the Zefepfenites have a choice to not get pregnant like regular humans but use pods, wherein the mother can walk around and go to have a good time without the hassle of a swollen stomach.

Toonday overhears a conversation between Yah-yah and his mother that makes him understand the real reason why Yah-yah was sent off-planet to go and do his schooling: Yah-yah’s father was disgraced for violating something about the Undongwe Echo Titan Sphere Base Station, (Akintoba, we need to interface properly on this) and he is always going to be known as the child of a traitor, a son of a deaf man(That bit we talked about Punitive Deafness), and to avoid the stigma, he is sent off planet to school.


They return to school after the break (it can be a form of Industrial attachment), but Toonday is now dissatisfied with the life he has lived all this while, and he tries to tell his people of all the lovely and wonderful things he has seen at Zezepfeni, but they begin to see him as uppity and classist. He is at odds between his love for the planet he has always called home, and the better life he has sampled a titbit of.  He dreams of how he can go back to Zezepfeni and work, and earn better and have a better quality of life. Somehow, when he was spending time on Zefeni, Yah-yah’s sister, Natou, who he had struck a friendship with, also has somehow caught feelings for him, and as things heat up between him and Natou, he decides that he will go to Zezepfeni after he gets done with school and try to make a living, perhaps returning to the Zezepfenite firm at which he did his industrial training, so he can be closer to Natou and they can explore their romantic attraction.

What Toonday has no idea of is that Yah-yah has a crush on him, and that Yah-yah has plans to move over and settle in Wimbo, where the laws are not very strict on same gender relations. Previously, while on the Zezepfeni planet, at the end of first year, Yah-yah had had a crush on another man back on his home planet of Zefeni, and he had been bullied and called names, and his preference for men (Yah-yah is actually bisexual) had been blamed on the absence of a father figure in his life, and it was hoped that sending him somewhere else would build resilience and grit in him.

So in order to escape the bullying and harassment, he had to cut his trip short and return to Wimbo, where he could be in the company of  people who did not judge him.

The time comes to wrap up school work, as they are in the final semester of final year,  so Toonday goes to tell Yah-yah about his decision to go back to Zezepfeni after school and stay there so he can live better, but he is unprepared for Yah-yah’s reaction, as Yah-yah plans to stay back on Wimbo and live with Toonday, and that is when he tells Toonday about the crush he has had on him all this while.

Toonday is shocked, because he was wondering how to broach the subject of his burgeoning closeness to Natou, but now Yah-yah drops the info on him.



Discussion (1)

  1. Another story that promises to be a brilliant novel! What happens to both Toonday and Yah-Yah after the latter declares his feelings for him?

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