Mr. Goldaus had three sons.  One afternoon he sent them out to the backyard with lunch so he could have some peace and quiet.  As the boys were chatting about narwhals, they simultaneously realized someone was staring at them from above.

     “It’s a cat!”  said Robbie.
     “It’s a tiny mountain lion!” said Chip.
     “No!  It’s Bongo!” said Ernie.

     “What!?” questioned Robbie and Chip.
     “Meow?” exclaimed Winston.
     “That’s his name! He’s our new pet!”

     “That is not even close to my name.  And I am just here for your tuna, small annoying humans.”  thought Winston to himself, jumping down to them.  They all wanted to feed him at once, and the cat did not complain as he devoured the tasty fish.  Ernie began to pet him as he finished eating.  It had been a long time since Winston had felt that, and he rather liked it.  Suddenly, he was being scooped up and taken inside as the boys excitedly went to show their father.  Mr. Goldaus was reading the paper and shooed them away hardly noticing.
     “So we can keep him?”  asked Chip.
     ”Just keep it away from me.  I hate cats.”
     “Yay for Bongo!” the three cheered together.
     Winston was confused by this sudden environment change, but he oddly found he liked the attention from the children and was entertained by their play.  Plus, they gave him lots of tuna fish and other tasty treats.  The care they provided was not ideal, as they hardly knew what they were doing, but Winston decided he liked this life better than being alone.  He was their pet for over 2 years, until Mr. Goldaus got a new job and it was time to move.
     “That obnoxious creature will not be traveling with us, boys.  He has easily angered me every day since we got him and I will not be spending 9 hours in the car with him.  We will take him to the shelter in the morning.  Maybe we’ll get a dog at the new place.  They are far superior.” said the father.  The boys were sad at first, but became excited at the prospect of a dog instead.  As time had past, they had become less and less interested in Winston anyway.
     “Good bye, Bongo! Have fun!” said Robbie, Chip, and Ernie as they dropped him off at the shelter.
     “Still, not my name.  Also, this is very rude.” said Winston. Yet they paid no attention as they walked on toward their new life leaving the old behind.

Life SIX:

Winston was not alone, but he felt like he was.  Kept in a glass cage with all his basic needs, he felt restless and bored.
     “Happy Birthday to me.”  said Winston, gloomily, on the day he turned 6.  “If it is a happy birthday… which I doubt.”
     Most everyday people would come in and look at Winston, some would say hello and wave.  He meowed a greeting at them.  Then they soon walked away to look at the others.  The younger cats were frequently coming and going.  He would hear his caretakers say “congratulations on your forever home!” as a cat was being adopted into a family.  Winston wondered if that could ever happen to him.
     “Here comes someone!” said the voice of the female cat beside him. “They will clearly be amazed by my beauty and charm, unlike your disheveled grumpy look.  I will become the queen of their home and they will adore me!”  Winston rolled his eyes at her arrogance.  Sure enough, the visitor was smitten by the female and took her home. Winston, however, had hardly been given a second look.  Other prospective owners read his information and said he was too old to adopt.  Thus, he hopelessly surrendered to his new life in the cage and stopped trying to reach out to the humans.
     After 3 years at the shelter, a young child approached the older cat and began talking to him.  Winston perked up a bit and listened to the child ramble on about how they really wanted a horse, however their parents recommended a cat.
     “I want this one!” said Avery.  “He’s a good listener!”
     “Okay, sweetie.”  replied the mother.  “An older cat should be easy to take care of and not destroy the house.”
     “Hurray for Horsey!” cheered Avery.
     “Horsey?” meowed Winston.  “That’s worse than Bongo! Oh well, at least I’ll have a forever home.”