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  • Dan Brooks replied to the topic INTERSECTIONS in the forum Group logo of Syllble Pitch PitPitch Pit in the group Syllble Pitch Pit

    8 hours, 24 minutes ago

    It was a cool story. I liked the style you write in. But the stories power, for me, is in the observations you make. Like driving is a modern chore. Or that stress is a key ingredient of road rage. But the best one is the last line, a man who may very well die has his last thought be about being late to his next job.

  • “It’s time for your evening vitals and meds.” The nurse said. He reached out and put the monitor on my left index finger. Then the blood pressure cuff went around my right bicep. I had maybe 15 minutes after taking the antipsychotic medications before I’d be in a stupor as it induced sleepiness to rival a 5th of Rum.

    My fight to stay out of the…Read More

  • Brittany Cook replied to the topic Autum Leaves in the forum Group logo of Syllble Pitch PitPitch Pit in the group Syllble Pitch Pit

    1 day, 11 hours ago

    Wow!! I love it! The imagery is spot on. I could defiantly feel the anxiety of what was happening and also could relate to the environment.

  • Odd Sounds

    By Dominick A. Alleva

    I rolled over; my throat burned with the sting of vomit.
    “God damn.”
    I said out loud throwing up in a small bucket next to my couch. I put my hand on my forehead.
    “Burning up.”
    I said to no one; rubbing my hand over my face. I live alone in my small Manhattan apartment; no wife, no kids, a…Read More

  • It’s all clear, Penny typed into Daniel’s phone. He believed her, but scanned the edge of the woods himself just to be certain. The monstrous deer or The Cull as Folwor had called them, couldn’t be seen anywhere. It looked as if The Cull had thought he, Folwor and Penny had tried to cut straight across the meadow to the forest on the other side.…Read More

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