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  • Hi everyone, I haven’t introduced myself properly on here. I am Colleen. I am 30 years old and live in Upstate NY. I have loved creative writing for my whole life, but have so far only done it for my own pleasure. Never had anything published before so this is an exciting adventure. I especially like stories with a deep message behind them;…Read More

  • Hi Peam, my name is Colleen. A new writer here checking out the forum. Glad you feel at home here already! I am enjoying it to and would love to get to know fellow writers.

  • Saran S. Srimee replied to the topic Final Words in the forum Group logo of Syllble Pitch PitPitch Pit in the group Syllble Pitch Pit

    5 hours, 22 minutes ago

    I think you need to adjust the formatting for this story. It’s hard to know who is speaking in some parts by how you formatted paragraphs. Tags are also confusing in parts. You should move other character’s reactions or actions into new paragraphs, not attaching them after a different character’s speakings in the same paragraph. I think it’s…Read More

  • This is a serialised story of Zurri Freemann – a KenBrit who moved to London from Nairobi at the turn of the century.
    Queen of the night

    Chapter one

    The streets of Greenwich were overly congested that hot Saturday morning: it was barely ten am and already throngs of half-dressed people strolled leisurely in all directions. No one seemed to…Read More

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  • Saran S. Srimee started the topic The Guitarist in the forum Group logo of Syllble Pitch PitPitch Pit in the group Syllble Pitch Pit

    1 day, 3 hours ago

    After a month of having my name on an undesired nominated list, I ultimately stood in the darkness behind a stage, bracing for an announcement, sweating from a nagging worry while awaiting the crucial result. Many guitarists were here with me. They seemed nervous and tense waiting with bated breath.

    “Everyone!” a woman shouted on the stage. “Ar…Read More

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