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  • In the ruins of the dead zone, cars and troop transports roared by. Searchlights from helicopters overhead turned night into day as they scoured the landscape. And from the efficient comfort of a mobile command center sat Charles Bloomburton and the bureau’s other committee heads: high-ranking security personnel, psychologists, and policy d…Read More

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  • When Charles had gone to bed, he had precisely 36 subjects in his care. As he was finishing up his reports for the evening, each subject glowed across the TV screens in front him. Confined and seemingly tranquil this late at night, these were 36 rebellious young men and women. But through the generosity of the bureau and through Charles’ own d…Read More

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  • I feel like we’ve gotten into a good flow

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    • Hey! For some reason, I didn’t see these before. But I just saw your pieces. I’m working to finish mine now. Thanks for being a great writing partner!