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The Steller’s Jay-V–\”The Root Stone\”

It’s all clear, Penny typed into Daniel’s phone. He believed her, but scanned the edge of the woods himself just to be certain. The...

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The Steller’s Jay –IV– “The Past”

Daniel’s arm felt numb as he woke up. He sat up, feeling the stiffness in his back and arms as he stretched. He must...

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The Steller’s Jay –III– “The Wolf”

Daniel stood stock still as the wolf watched him from atop the edge of the crater. Penny clung to the collar of his shirt,...

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The Steller’s Jay –II– “The Dream”

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash Daniel stood before the woods, but they were different now. The trees wider and richer, their tops towering into the night...

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The Steller’s Jay –I– “The Bird”

It was a hot August day when Daniel moved to his new foster home. On the fringes of a nice suburb, the couple’s house...

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