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The Steller’s Jay–XI–\”The Guardian\”

Penny wove between a storm of attacks as Wlite threw a million spiked tenticles at her. She soared around in the dark air, the...

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The Steller’s Jay–X– \”The Pit\”

The storm had blown itself out and now only a trickle of rain fell as Folwor and Penny followed Daniel under the sopping leaves....

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The Steller’s Jay-IX-“The Battle”

Rain dotted the lichen encrusted stones beneath Penny and Folwor as they stood, tense, before the ensemble of Cull. Thole, inhabiting a massive bear,...

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The Stellar’s Jay-VIII- “The Cull”

“It’s gotta be around here,” Daniel said. He shoved an obstinate branch out the way. They had been hiking for almost two hours now...

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The Steller’s Jay–VII–\”The WInd Stone\”

The night was quiet as Daniel walked back. The sun had set some time ago, but Daniel had hardly noticed as Penny’s words followed...

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