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    My sweetest Shorouk, Your words, your message is all I await for, it’s all that gives me hope to make it through another day. It’s been two weeks and so much as gone by, an eternity it feels like missing you. An eternity since my heart has stopped beating entirely know only that it will move again around the solar system until I will see you again.

    I am puzzled and torn apart, this man, your professor, is it Mr Abdul? If it is him, please Stay away from him, please please stay away from him. He is the one who brought this upon us, if it is him you speak of; then I must tell you as you have felt an evil brews deep in his gut, his hope is to find me and punish me for what I did. Please my sweet Shorouk please be careful, he is a very dangerous man that should not be trusted in what so ever capacity. Never. That night, the night it all happened in the spice shop, it was him I saw with my brothers conversing in the back room.

    I left this camp yesterday, metal and enclosed compartments surrounding a dusty and dried field, we all slept on the bare cold floor some with more means, with some I mean gangsters holding hostage even the lives these people who had lost everything, I ran to the screams of a woman held down. I ran through the tents and cords of light bulbs in some and gas lamps that lit them from the inside, I arrived to five men in shrouded masks in this teeming large camp. Two with weapons. One was barely older than my little brother on this night so dry, my foot dust filled and out of breath, I was helpless. I was a coward. I did not nothing. She screamed. I watched and cowered down my face with a clenched fists. I am coward. how can this be!? Why does evil exist? Is it true? What need of this thing in this mad world, why would men do this!? Why did I do nothing? Why here does this evil breeds? Is it this world that is evil? Is this world that turned them and their Youngs mind to become like it? Is it this world that soured their hearts? Why would anyone do this? Why, why?

    For the next weeks. My mind, my soul was in oblivion, I struggled to find a reason to live, I struggled to make sense of the senseless, oh I struggled, I could not sleep as I felt I was being watched, everywhere I went, I felt eyes peircing to my existence. This camp was placed on a whole landscape on a plateau mountain overseeing a large Italian city, pungent smells that seeped through my nose, trash moving with passing gust of winds , the whole place cornered souls and lives of men and women lost seeking meaning of all who had dared to made it this far now imprisoned here in this camp, when it rained the dust turned to mud, the water brought all our bare floors wet, our clothes and the gutters overflowing. This was nothing like home nothing like I had imagined possible.

    The morning smog was heavy that one morning, when I made my single friend. I named him Adee, a brown dog with his tail always beneath his two legs. When food made its way to my mouth half went to him and couldn’t just let him die, my only friend in this camp, as I increasingly felt more eyes on me, was it because I interrupted this menace many night ago, was it because these young men and their evil ways clashed we me. Adee would always lift his head up in the middle of the night as if he had heard noises, more and more I became paranoid.

    Shorouk, This journey I tell you…Shorouk, its not easy, I miss you, I only have this few time to write you these words but there’s so much more I want to tell you, so much more I want to paint for you. Please tell me if it’s mr. Abdul that professor? Please tell me you are alright? Tell me how my family is doing? My brothers how are they? Your family had their mind changed about us?

    Eternally yours

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