The Solomonari

Creators & Roles

Egon Lateef, Speculative fiction writer

Peculiar K., Speculative fiction writer

World summary/overview

The Solomonari are builders and teachers who use the life of Solomon to guide them through life on Solomon Mountain. It’s a place that is believed to be one of the spots that Solomon chose for one of his temples. The Solomonari built a school at the location in honor of King Solomon. It’s foothills allow a view of the forest below where it is believed Solomon had a dispute with a genie over lands rights and cursed all the Jinns that descended thereafter.

In Solomonari, the dark clouds are juxtaposed against the sunlight. This creates dimness during some parts of the day and sunlight at the others. Many things happen as light and dark descends on the foothills of Solomonari. The school day commences during the day, teaching humans how to train their demigod wards to serve them.

The humans need to control the light of day and their demigod wars will help them by making offering to the gods whom control the sky, water, air, the earth’s core and the dark clouds that bring the night sky. When the sunlight is drowned out by smoky clouds, the school is in danger of being attacked by wild demigods within the fog of the forest at the bottom of the foothills of the Solomonari Scholomance.