(TALLAHASSEE, FL) April 12, 2019 – Syllble CEO & Cofounder, Fabrice Guerrier delivers a keynote TEDx talk at The Florida State University to a crowd of 400 people. He spoke on the fourth industrial revolution and the importance of creativity and collaboration as a means to achieve the necessary innovations and contributions required of us to create new equitable systems and new movements that will change the world. Fabrice explored his personal journey as a Haitian-American moving to the United States at a young age of 13, his love for creative writing and dream of founding a successful startup, the incredible power of stories and the founding of the literary online community Syllble Studios in it’s mission to empower all writers of the world. He stressed amidst this fourth industrial revolution – where all industries in the entire planet will be digitized – it is the utmost importance to invest in your creative thinking mind as a tool for change. 

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