“Garry! Come here!” the voice of Garry’s wife radiated throughout the house and into the garage where he was working on his motorcycle. “Damn it, what now!” he dropped his wrench onto the ground as he was startled by her demanding voice. Garry’s wife heard the clang of the wrench that pierced her ears as she burst through the door. “Garry, COME HERE NOW!” Garry was accustomed to his wife yelling and ordering him around, but her voice was shaken. He looked up at her eyes, wide and filling with tears, and her skin appearing white. Garry held his breath as he quickly followed her into the living room and stood in front of the television that was mounted to the wall. The scene on the television was indescribable but also unmistakable. A flood of asteroids was plummeting to earth. Garry placed his hand on his chest, feeling for the beat of his heart, realizing that he had not exhaled. “Garry” his wife’s voice was now only a whisper, “what is happening, what are we going to do?” For the first time in many months Garry embraced his wife, wrapping his arms around her, he whispered: “I’m sorry Lizzy.” He remembered back when he had first met Liz, twenty-three years ago at Betty’s Diner, she was the most beautiful girl he had seen and he knew right away that he was going to marry her. Their relationship began very traditionally, but after six months they defied their parent’s guidance and snuck away to marry. The following year they welcomed their son into the world. Garry placed his lips on Liz’s cheek as he remembered the birth of his son, Patrick Lawson, born at Mary Methodist Hospital weighing seven pounds nine ounces. He remembered the anxiety he felt when the nurse handed him his son, staring into his green eyes he was stunned by how much he looked like Liz. “Patrick, we need to contact Patrick!” as soon as he blurted out the statement, Liz was already across the room dialing the keypad on the phone. The sudden shock of everything was starting to sink in and the feeling of helplessness was vibrating through Garry’s body. He tried to hide the trembling that was apparent and continued to collect his thoughts. Patrick was graduating from college in a few months and was currently full-filling an internship with the hope to become a Pediatrician. Garry thought back to the years when he raised his son and remembered how he struggled with being stern. His son always strived for his attention but he was never able to provide it. When his son would call he would either be working in the garage or watching television, he didn’t take the time to say “hello.” Now he sat in his favorite chair with his head in his hands, beginning to sob, grieving over the moments he never had with his son and his lovely wife. “I can’t get ahold of him Garry” the desperation in her voice added to Garry’s grief, “how could I have been so stupid, why didn’t I tell Patrick I loved him. Why couldn’t I show him how much I appreciated him!” Garry could no longer lift himself to stand, his sorrow left him slumped over and trapped within his own mind. He thought about all the hours he had worked as a diesel mechanic and the years he struggled to provide for his family. He had worked extra hours and scraped every penny to purchase some of the things he enjoyed. He looked up at the television, which was currently displaying the Breaking News, and thought about how happy he was when he had first mounted the television onto the wall. Everything he had worked for and valued suddenly seemed as if he had accomplished nothing.

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