Have you always dreamed about becoming a published fiction author? Join us August 1st and by October 30th, you will be the published co-author of a micro-novel, guaranteed



Syllble is proud to launch, Syllble University, the first accelerator for aspiring fiction authors.


1st Season of Syllble University 

The theme of Syllble’s 1st season was decided by the writers of the community during the Syllble Salon. This theme will inspire your fiction and what you will write about “Exploring isolation and loneliness in today’s world. Why society seems to crush meaningful connections and sense of self and our purpose




Become a fiction author and connect with writers from all over the world


Tuition:  $495

Early bird: $399 (sign up by July 24th)

On Sunday morning, September 10th 2017. Fabrice Guerrier who has always written alone searched for ways he could involve different people to write compelling fiction together. He wondered why collaborative fiction was not common. He gathered three distinct fiction writers each at different stages in their writing journey for a creative experiment at his home in Washington D.C. They were tasked to write a collaborative short story. After two weeks, the writers had written together “The Cell” which can be read in the collection of collaboratively written short stories.

Over the next six months, hosting many collaborative writing experiences that involved small groups of three to four of over 50 diverse writers both in person and over the internet and from around the world, Fabrice set out to write a full length story with two writers. From all the feedback, collective wisdom and many iterations created from the growing community of Syllble, he decided to involve himself in the process this time.

In March 2018, He, Paul Koch and Kevin Ayama co-authored the first Micro-novel titled “The Wall”. It was simple, they each described themes and topics they cared about and what they wanted to explore through fiction. This initial conversation framed the fictional universe they designed together and a three-act plot (the set up, the climax and the resolution). This world was a futuristic one set in the year 2070s where the United States had a tall mammoth wall that surrounded every thousands of kilometers of its borders both in the ocean and land. What would this world look like? What about the environmental climatic troubles of this time? How would people look in this technologically advanced society? What about Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality? The three writers set out to answer these questions through a multiple plot story. They explored their individual themes by writing from their individual characters perspectives three stories for each act accordingly. This required communication, candor, an open minded, a willingness to have fun and most importantly capture the Zeitgeist of today. This is how the micro-novel was born. A new form of fiction. 

When we started looking at how we could grow and share this with aspiring writers and emerging authors everywhere, we realized many writers’ workshop today were expensive, they ranged from thousands of dollars or more. You didn’t get published nor did they ever teach you how to market your book nor treat your art as a business.

Writing a novel can seem scary at the outset, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a published fiction author? To write fiction stories that inspire people. To lead a book launch. To speak on podcasts, attend in-person events, and become a thought leader in your own community? Syllble is proud to launch Syllble University. An accelerator for aspiring fiction authors. If you lead a busy life, hold a full-time job, have a family or are enrolled at university, we’ve designed a unique 3-month writers’ workshop just for you.

In this program, you will learn the core fundamental elements of fiction, then you will write a polished novel collaboratively with other writers from around the world, then lastly learn and implement the top industry advertising strategies to market your book (most older tactics have been flipped on their head). This course is designed for those who have been wishing to take their creative lives more seriously and might not have the time or an outlet to do so. Syllble University’s 12 week course has clear assignments, exercises, and execution that will force you into becoming a successful author.


Month 1: Elements of Fiction
Month 2: Write the Micro-novel
Month 3: The business of marketing and launching your book

Class size: 9


How long is the process?
It’s a three month process with weekly online check-ins on the Syllble forum.

I have a full-time job and a family, is this really doable?
Simple to follow directions and collaborative work makes it doable and fun.

What is a Micro-novel?
A new form of fiction. A book written by multiple authors together. A pilot that can be serialized.

Do I own the rights and intellectual property to my ideas?
Yes. You will have shared ownership of the micro-novel that will bare future dividends.

I’ve never written or collaborated with two or more writers on a single story. Will I be able to learn quickly?
Yes. We’ve developed unique and tested collaboration methods with 100s of writers and can ensure a smooth production process for you.

You say multiple writers write a single story. How does that actually work?
When you join the Syllble University, we match you with other writers around the world with similar interests! Once you are paired with a group we give you tight deadlines to create and finish your story in a matter of weeks.

How do you ensure that each writer is involved in the process?
We hold weekly check in meetings with our writing coaches to ensure everyone is on the same page.

How many books do I can publish?
You can publish as many books as you like once you become a member. We run each collaborations the 1st of each month on our platform. If you would like to connected with an professional editor and illustrator there will be an additional fee.

What is a peer-to-peer production house?
We believe large numbers (three or more) of people working cooperatively over the internet to create stories is the future of content and the creative economy. We make it a viable and sustainable operation for our writers and their creative venture. Once you’ve created your initial pilot, we partner with you to continue the epic you’re team has created! Then your team can start accepting payment from subscribers for your serialized content.

Does the tuition cover editing?
Yes. During the process you and your teammates will apply self-editing and the tuition does covers a round of professional editing as well as the cover design and paper-back interior design.

I have more questions!
Please email us at hello@syllble.com, we will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.



For the first 30 days, we have an unconditional money back guarantee. If you decide, for whatever reason, this is not for you, we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund. And if you do stick with us for 12 weeks, and do all of the homework assignments, you’ll become a published author, guaranteed.




For a long time, I’ve written alone and in writing alone, my thoughts, ideas and styles became linear. The Syllble collaborative process doesn’t mean you’ll have to co-author every piece you write, but it does mean that you get to see the world from unique perspectives, learn from other writers, and become more confident in your own work. I supplement my personal writing with Syllble because it challenges me and enriches my work- both individually and collaboratively.Taiwo Adesina

Working in a collaborative group with Syllble has opened my eyes to possibility. My writing has been seen and digested by fellow participants from around the world. The supportive environment has allowed me the opportunity to reflect on feedback on my writing, which has given me the confidence that has served as a stimulant to contribute further.Colin Goodwin

Collaborative writing is very rewarding, and it makes the creative process much more fun and agile. Sharing stories and developing them together is liberating and empowering!
Roberta Novis

I was excited to witness how liberating fiction writing could be. Creating a story with a purpose was even more rewarding. Syllble provided great tools for a first time fiction writer like myself including feedback!Kevin Amaya

It was a great experience dealing with writers from several parts of the world to share our ideas, thoughts, creativity and imaginations with one another. Most importantly, I was able to learn writings tips that will serve me for the rest of my life. Thank you Syllble for this golden opportunity!Jwana Nassar





About Syllble University
At Syllble University our mission is to foster a culture of creativity, vitality, intellectual rigor and a collaborative artistic discipline for creative writers around the world through a new form of fiction: the Micro-novel. We believe writers go further by working together through collaboration, serialization, crowdsourcing, monetization and bold deadlines. Syllble empowers writers to express themselves, share ideas, and create new and bold stories that make us think differently. Our mission is to inspire all writers to lead in the 21st century creative economy, and change the world. The written word needs to evolve and adapt to our modern times. With the power of the internet to connect writers all over the globe and our unique collaborative storyboarding principles we help writers write great fiction stories.