Following Haiti’s triumph over French colonial rule in 1804, King Henri Christophe ordered the construction of Citadelle Laferrière, a formidable mountaintop fortress started in 1805 and completed in 1820. 

In 2012, Haitian-American artist and writer Fabrice Guerrier, founder of Syllble Studios, created the Ayitiverse. This vast science-fantasy fictional universe unfolds through Guerrier’s interdisciplinary artistic practice across – science fiction, dark fantasy, poetry, essays, paintings and visual arts. The Ayitiverse unfurls the universal history and the vibrant legacy of Haiti, the first modern Black nation in the world. Driven by a interest with creolization, syncretism, African spiritual traditions, and Haitian futurism, Guerrier delves into intellectual and creative realms to explore Haiti’s rich legacy. The Ayitiverse challenges the lasting effects of European colonialism and celebrate Haiti’s unique cultural identity.

World summary

In the genesis, everything commenced with the emergence of the inaugural Black deity. Its origin remains shrouded in mystery, yet its essence embodies omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Within its boundless expanse, myriad potential universes materialized as mere thoughts. Diverse entities inhabit various strata across the expansive realms of eleven dimensions, interconnected by the central membrane known as Yggdrasil—the Sacred Loa Tree. This colossal, infinite, multidimensional tree extends its roots through the very fabric of existence, influencing everything from cosmic swirls to celestial shells. It imparts the intricate design of the flower of life to sunflowers and shapes the spirals of galaxies. Functioning akin to a nervous system, The Sacred Loa Tree harbors supra-intelligent beings and lifeforms including the Loa gods existing in distinct dimensions. Among the initial divine entities were the Sky God Father Damballah and the Primordial Vodou Rainbow Goddess Ayida Wedo.

This science-fantasy world is centered around Haiti forming as the first Black ‘modern’ nation on the Earth realm and its Black gods and outerspace. Its specifically rooted around a complex history and relationships of members of the 14 African kingdoms – Senegalese, Wolofs, Foulbe, Bambara, Quiambas, Aradas, Minas, Caplaus, Fons, Mahi (Western Yoruba), Nago (Western Yoruba), Mayombe, Mondongues, Angolese- the transatlantic slave trade had brought together on the islands of Hispaniola. Each Kingdom specializes in a specific type of magic as they each worship unique gods within their own cultures only to be unified through the Haitian Revolution.

Magic System

Magic exists in the Ayitiverse. These African kingdoms are full of magic very different than the Alchemical magic of European nations – The French Ministry of Magic, The Spanish Ministry of Magic and The British Ministry of Magic all the major players in Saint Domingue and the Transatlantic Slave Trade which began as a great conspiracy to locate an ancient treasure. All wizards in Europe are revered by society and endowed by the church as heavenly beings. Only specific royal blood lines and their descendants are able to use magic to the fullest yet it’s forbidden for the rest of the population. If they don’t believe it or use it then their descendants will be magical-less like the rest of the population becoming what they call “Les Riens.” For the Black Africans its the same but their magic come directly from the Loa Gods and are much more potent.

This world spans million of years from the start of the earth and pangea all the way to the futures beyond time.

Society / Groups

The Loa High Council (LHC): This is the leadership of Loa Divine Gods lead by Ogou. The LHC leads the Loa Congressional Assembly inside the Realms of the Sacred Loa Tree.

1600 – Present ~The Loa Societée: A underground-secret society of free maroon magical slaves. It began on the island of Saint Domingue as a means to create borders and boundaries for the delapitated 14 Kingdoms. It is led by the Roundtable of Black Crowns.

The Brethren of The Coast: A dangerous band of pirates in the Caribbean seas.

1980 – Present ~ Haitian Galactic Republic: A Intergalactic republic federation spread across the solar system of earth brought on by the descendants of the heroes of the Haitian Revolution. Its capital, Capois La Mort is on Mars.

Stories In The Ayitiverse

Golden Veins: Collection of Short Stories (2018)

Two stories set in the Ayitiverse are features in this collection of short stories.

The Take

In this brief Horror narrative, we accompany Queen Abiona, a youthful African queen situated in an undisclosed location in West Africa. Her story unfolds as she is taken captive by entities from higher dimensions, serving as an allegory for the transatlantic slave trade.

Le Cap

Moments before the eruption of the Haitian Revolution in Saint Domingue, we trace the journey of a enslaved individual compelled to return to their plantation ablaze with rebellion. Their mission: to rescue the mother of their soon-to-be-born child.

“Medusa’s Descendants (Syllble Books 2023) Novella

In the Ayitiverse, the gorgons of Greek mythology take on a new form known as Mabouya, the first daughters of Damballah, the great sky God. Damballah, in the early days of creating Earth before uniting with Ayida Wedo, sought to shape a reality reflecting his own essence, emphasizing the divine feminine within him. Mabouya, embodied by a tribal group of African women with dreads, represents an ancient and powerful gorgon tribe that succumbed during the Great Loa War in the era of Pangea on Earth in the Ayitiverse.

Within the pages of “Medusa’s Descendant,” we encounter Emilia, a descendant of the Mabouya and an adversary to the Loa Gods.

Emilia finds herself at the heart of an ancient prophecy predicting the emergence of the chosen one, distinguished by hair made of living venomous snakes. This chosen one alone possesses the power and skill to overthrow the rule of the old gods who still hold sway over the Earth. Yet She must learn to trust and understand the power of her own magic.

In the Ayitiverse, this story takes place closer to the Haitian Galactic Republic formation & sagas.

The Historical Dark Fantasy Novel

Guerrier completed a historical dark epic fantasy novel in the summer of 2021. Despite the novel going on submission to several major publishing houses, it faced rejection. Additionally, it underwent consideration by a prominent United Kingdom-based publisher through their open submission process, achieving a notable position among the top 180 out of 1,400 submissions worldwide. Unfortunately, the novel did not progress to the next round in the selection process.

On This Novel: The novel centers Haitian history, mythology and Afrofuturistic visions. Guerrier is currently rewriting the novel.

News on the Novel will be posted here

Ayitiverse Through Paintings

Guerrier, working as a painter, utilizes acrylic paint in his artistic endeavors within the Ayitiverse. Presently, in this inaugural first series called “The Haitian Gods” – he delves into the sacred and magical realism associated with the Loas divinities in Haitian mythology. His aim is to break through the monotony of our colonized imaginaries, bringing the past into the present, and emphasizing new Black futures. These visions serve as a means to mend the fractures within Western modernity.

The Burnout Loa, Petro family
Kalfu, Master of Crossroads
The Three heads of Ogou, Agwe and Baron
The Loa: A Young Ogou
Bondye and The Loa Spirits
The Lougarou
The Gede Family
Divine Vodou Rainbow Goddess Ayida Wedo Copulates With Damballah
The Heart of Ezurlie
Ogou Ge Rouge

Understanding Haitian Futurism

In his column for Haiti Observateur, the oldest US-based Haitian weekly newspaper outside of Haiti, founded in 1971, Guerrier explores the concept of Haitian Futurism. He defines it as an expansion of the magical and invisible energetic field of radical freedom proclaimed in 1804 by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, one of Haiti’s founding figures. Dessalines declared that anyone from any background escaping oppression and slavery would find complete freedom upon arriving in Haiti. Ultimately, Guerrier believes that any act of recording and uncovering the hidden history of Haiti is an expression of Haitian Futurism, emboldened by the sentiments of renowned Haitian academic and anthropologist Michel-Rolph Trouillot in his book “Silencing the Past: Power and the Production of History.”

Key readings from Guerrier’s column:

Haitian FuturismIt’s Birth and Ultimate Growth

Haitian Futurism The Decline Of The West

Ayitiverse In The News

Fabrice Guerrier: Into the Haitiverse Part 1 & Part 2” in The Caribbean Science Fiction Network

Selected Resources List

American Scholar on The Black Atlantic, Julius Scott Interview on “The Common Wind: Afro-American Currents in the Age of the Haitian Revolution

Crash Course’s John Green On A Broad “Overview Of The Haitian Revolution

Patrick Bellegarde-Smith — “Living Vodou” in On Being Podcast

Pierre Buteau and Jhon Picard Byron: On Bois-Caïman and The Battle of Vertières (In French)

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