Roles and Creators

Fabrice Guerrier (Sci-fi and fantasy writer)

World summary

This world is centered around Haiti forming as the first Black ‘modern’ nation and its Black gods and outerspace.

Its specifically centered around a complex history and relationships of 14 African kingdoms that faith had brought together on the islands of Hispaniola birthing the nation of Haiti.

These kingdoms of magic wizards were Senegalese, Wolofs, Foulbe, Bambara, Quiambas, Aradas, Minas, Caplaus, Fons, Mahi (Western Yoruba), Nago (Western Yoruba), Mayombe, Mondongues, Angolese, (Each specialized in a specific type of magic) –  brought to the Caribbean from Africa as slaves who have magical powers since they hold the long lost blood lines that trace.

This world spans million of years from the start of the earth and pangea all the way to the futures beyond time.

In the Beginning

Everything started with the first Black god. No one knows where it came from but we know that what it resembles is omnipotent, omniscience, omnipresent. Everything created inside of it includes infinitudes of possible universes. All a thought. Where different beings are situated amongst the many different levels of 11 dimensions and through the central membrane is Yggdrasil, an infinite multidimensional large tree that has its roots through most fabric of existence it is behind, the swirls to shells, it gives the flower of life design to the sunflowers flower and to the spiral of galaxies. It’s sorta a nervous system.

There are supra-intelligent beings, lifeforms and Loa gods descendants living in different dimensions throughout Yggdrasil.


Magic exists in this world and only of specific royal blood lines and their descendants are able to use magic to the fullest yet it’s forbidden for the rest of the population. If they don’t believe it or use it then their descendants will be magical-less.

All wizards are revered by society and endowed by the church as heavenly beings who get their power from ‘Ouroboros’ from God. Major European countries and their royals are all wizards. Many of the African nations and kingdoms have the most powerful wizards.

Society / Groups

(1980- Present) Haitian Galactic Republic: A Intergalactic republic federation spread across the solar system of earth brought on by the descendants of the heroes of the Haitian Revolution. Its capital, Capois La Mort is on Mars.

Books Published From The Ayitiverse

Medusa’s Descendants by Fabrice Guerrier: Set In 2018 in New York Of The 13 colonies (Syllble Books, 2021)


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