The Cell

THE HOWLING OUTSIDE FADES into an eerie silence.
The lights flicker back on, showing me nothing more than the smooth, charcoal-colored bars I’ve been staring at for the past three days. Or has it been four?

The Ballad of Krystal & Jimi

“…It’s kind of annoying it’s just this huge number flashing in your line of sight. It can tell when you’re driving so I don’t think that’ll be an issue, not that I’ve been driving in 6 Korda.” He joked.
“I was going to say…

Tyra’s World

The craft aisle at CVS was Tyra’s favorite. It was as overwhelming as that of an office supply store and infinity more interesting than a grocery. She especially loved opening the packets of crayons and markers to test their brightness, fluidity and smells against one another.

The Dragon’s Way

I Sasha Louis's black braids hung loose behind her head from the dampness in the room. Disoriented, she laid in the deep corner of  the local Chinese fish restaurant’s basement. It was cold. The gray floor, large silver freezers, and old brown boxes surrounded...

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The Orion Paradigm 

Explore a new universe and the next humanity in this epic science fiction series story that explores what it means to be alive. Our production Studios is led by a Writer’s Room of 5 scifi writers.