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Bairton Brown (he/they) is a revolutionary artist and educator hailing from Ann Arbor, MI who is currently thriving in Burbank. Bairton is an alumnus of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where they earned an MA in Arts and Public Policy. They also hold a BFA in Directing from The Theatre School at DePaul University, and minors in TV Producing and Comedic Screenwriting, where they directed the series ‘Naomi and Levi Take On The World,’ streaming now on OTV. Last year, Bair’s directorial prowess shined in the sold-out premiere of “HOW DARE YOU” at Affirmation Theatre in NYC. Bairton’s creative journey continued to flourish as their latest short film “THICKER THAN OIL” won best production design at the 2022 Paper Crowns Film Fest. This year, as a distinguished Next-Up Playwriting Fellow at Congo Square Theatre Company, Bairton wrote and directed “THE PLAY GROUNDS,” a poignant and impactful drama focused on suicide prevention in Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. In addition to the full-length play, Bair’s first novel, BLACKTOPIA, will be published in January 2024. As a Community Engagement and Education/Programs Associate, Bairton carries forward the vision of Congo Square. They do this by contributing to the success of the Industry Training Institute, Internship programs, and Apprenticeships, enriching the lives of emerging artists and ensuring that the legacy of storytelling endures for generations to come. They’ve also served as first AD and writer on the troupe’s web series “BLACKSiDE” since Season 3.

Kyle Hinton is a trailblazing queer, BIPOC writer whose creative prowess has left an indelible mark on the world through storytelling. With a distinctive voice and a commitment to representing diverse experiences, Kyle’s journey in the arts has been nothing short of exceptional. In 2019, Kyle made the captivating short film “Diary of A Mailman,” which demonstrated their unique ability to craft compelling narratives that resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. Renowned for their visionary work, Kyle is the brilliant mind behind the acclaimed series “Vaguely Hayes” (2020). As a testament to their talent, Kyle is also the creator of the celebrated series “Naomi & Levi Take on the World” (2021). This series, distributed by Open Television, has captivated audiences with its unapologetic diverse representation and exploration of vital themes. In a world hungry for fresh and authentic perspectives, Kyle Hinton’s work shines as a beacon of representation, offering a powerful voice for those often underrepresented in media. As a queer, BIPOC writer, Kyle’s narrative contributions are instrumental in fostering a richer tapestry of stories, bridging gaps, and amplifying voices that need to be heard. Their dedication to their craft and their ability to touch hearts and minds make Kyle a vital force in contemporary storytelling.

Earlier members: Brandon Patterson and Omari Allen


In early 2023, the Blacktopia Collective was formed at Syllble as a BIPOC, LQBTQIA+ Writer’s Room committed to crafting Afro-futuristic works of narrative fiction that seamlessly blend elements of science fiction with the rich tapestry of global majority perspectives, fostering a dynamic space where imagination knows no bounds. Join us on this journey as we transform narratives, shatter stereotypes, and propel the world into a future where the voices of the global majority are not only heard but celebrated.

World Overview

Set in the dawn of the 22nd century (2095-2105 C.E.) on Planet earth. A growing movement of people build a better way to exist .

A growing movement of people build a better

way to exist because society has fallen so far.

People of color seek to start an off-land

underwater utopia.

Competing demographics of people are racing to create alternative forms of off-planet societies. Black refugees from across the land have created a futuristic city. Upon the collapse of civilization due to rising oceans in the late 21-st century, “The Founding Mothers” led various parts of the world toward building each of their unique visions for utopia. Underground, an undersea society known as the “Blacktopia” has been cultivated for centuries.

Technology/ and or Magic System

Evolved, Futuristic, Artificial Intelligence / Autonomous Technology / Transportation.

Blacktopia at SYLLBLECON 2023

World News

SYLLBLECON 2023 Launches An Arts Movement Rooted in Collaborative Science Fiction and Fantasy Worldbuilding As A Social Practice” In Syllble News

The Blacktopia Collective Forms in Los Angeles” In Syllble News



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