Debut Novella by Bairton Brown – Blacktopia: The Royal House Cat Publish on June 3rd by Syllble Books

Los Angeles, CA — May 31, 2024 — Syllble Books is thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of “Blacktopia: The Royal House Cat,” the debut novella by the talented Writer/Director Bairton Brown on June 3rd 2024. This highly anticipated release promises to captivate readers with its unique storytelling and imaginative afrofuturistic world-building, furthering Brown’s vision of advancing equity in the arts and entertainment industry.

About the Novella: Born from the fictional word created by the Blacktopia Collective – “Blacktopia – Book One: The Royal House Cat,” the story unfolds in a futuristic Afro-futurist community in Cairo, Egypt, where young Dante and his father, Destin, navigate a utopian society threatened by external and internal conflicts. When an apocalyptic event devastates their world, Destin embarks on a perilous journey to save his family, leading him to the underwater haven of Blacktopia. There, he disrupts a society led by Black women, sparking debates on inclusion and identity. As tensions rise, Destin’s heroic sacrifice and the ensuing battle against insurrectionists reveal deep-rooted issues within the society. Caught in a perilous struggle for Blacktopia’s future, Destin navigates shifting alliances and mounting dangers, with the fate of the kingdom hanging in the balance.

World Overview: Set in the dawn of the 22nd century (2095-2105 C.E.) on Planet Earth, “Blacktopia” depicts a movement of people striving to build a better way to exist in a society that has fallen so far. People of color seek to start an off-land underwater utopia, envisioning a new future of equity and inclusion.

The Blacktopia collective last year at SYLLBLECON 2023 presented their world to a panel of judges from the entertainment world.

Debut Author Bairton Brown

About the Author: Bairton Brown (he/they) is a multiracial, award-winning filmmaker and theatre practitioner. While earning their B.F.A. from DePaul University in Chicago, Bair’s first film, “From Your Former Lover,” premiered at the 2021 New York Independent Cinema Awards. As their thesis, Bair directed the web series “Naomi & Levi Take on the World” (2021), which was selected for distribution on Open Television | OTV. In 2022, Bair’s short film “Thicker Than Oil” received the award for Best Production Design at Paper Crowns Film Festival.

While earning his Master’s in Arts & Public Policy from NYU, he directed the sold-out world premiere of “How Dare You” by Kendra Augustin at Affirmation Theatre, and “Final Goodbye” by Shaneisha Dodson at Soundscape Theatre. In 2023, Bair completed the Next-Up Playwriting Fellowship at Congo Square Theatre. Brown’s second full-length play, “The Play Grounds,” received staged readings at Congo Square Theatre, Denver Fringe, and Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Bair currently works as a staff writer and first assistant director for Congo Square’s web series, “BlackSide.” Additionally, Bair’s introduction to playwriting course, “Defining Moments,” will launch in Autumn 2024.

Release Information: “Blacktopia: The Royal House Cat” will be available for purchase on Amazon in June 3 2024 and the ebook is now available for preorder today.

Readers can look forward to an engaging and thought-provoking journey into a meticulously crafted Afro-futurist world.

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