Syllblelite Eugen Bacon Wins $30,000 Residency to Write a Novel in the Sauútiverse Fictional World

Acclaimed African Australian speculative fiction writer Eugen Bacon and founding member of the Sauúti Collective has been named the 2024 Hedberg Writer-in-Residence by University of Tasmania. This prestigious residency awards Bacon a $30,000 stipend and a three-month stay in Hobart, Tasmania.

During her residency, Bacon will focus on writing, collaborating with creative writing students, and participating in community dialogues. This exciting opportunity will allow her to significantly advance her upcoming novel, Crimson in Quietus (A Sauúti novel).

Crimson in Quietus is a unique mystery set in the Sauútiverse, an Afrofuturistic world inspired by African mythology, language, and culture. The novel features a sound magic scientist as the protagonist, offering a fresh twist on the traditional detective genre.

The Sauútiverse, derived from the Swahili word “sauti” meaning “voice” or “sound,” is a five-planet system rich in wonder, mystery, and magic. It seamlessly blends science fiction elements like artificial intelligence and space travel with a deep connection to African oral traditions and music. The Sauúti collective captivated the world with the launch of their debut anthology, “Mothersound,” published by Android Press. The anthology garnered widespread acclaim and was longlisted for multiple prestigious awards.

Eugen Bacon is an established author with a collection of novels and short stories under her belt. Her accomplishments include the British Fantasy Award, finalist nominations for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award and the World Fantasy Award (twice), and publication in prestigious speculative fiction and African literary journals.

Bacon will begin her residency in Hobart this August. While there, she will not only work on her novel but also mentor aspiring writers and engage with the local community through public discussions.