Adelehin Ijasan

Eugen Bacon

Kalejaye Akintoba

Stephen Embleton

Xan van Rooyen

Cheryl Ntumy

Wole Talabi

Dare Segun Falowo

Ikechukwu Nwaogu 

Jude Umeh

World Summary/Overview

Sauúti is taken from the word “Sauti” which means “voice” in Swahili. This world is a five-planet system orbiting a binary star. This world is rooted deeply in a variety of African mythology, language, and culture. Sauúti weaves in an intricate magic system based on sound, oral traditions and music. It includes science-fiction elements of artificial intelligence and space flight, including both humanoid and non-humanoid creatures. Sauúti is filled with wonder, mystery and magic.


Illustration by Kalejaye Akintoba

World News

The Sauúti Fictional World: A Partnership Between Syllble and Brittle Paper” in Brittle Paper Magazine

Syllble Studios Partners With Brittle Paper Magazine On A Shared World Project Created By Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers From African Nations” in Syllble News