Adelehin Ijasan

Eugen Bacon

Kalejaye Akintoba

Stephen Embleton

Xan van Rooyen

Cheryl Ntumy

Wole Talabi

Dare Segun Falowo

Ikechukwu Nwaogu 

Jude Umeh

World Summary/Overview

Sauúti is taken from the word “Sauti” which means “voice” in Swahili. This world is a five-planet system orbiting a binary star. This world is rooted deeply in a variety of African mythology, language, and culture. Sauúti weaves in an intricate magic system based on sound, oral traditions and music. It includes science-fiction elements of artificial intelligence and space flight, including both humanoid and non-humanoid creatures. Sauúti is filled with wonder, mystery and magic.


Illustration by Kalejaye Akintoba

The Sauúti World Building Story Bible

Read and access here

The Sauúti Creation Myth

Read and access here

World News

Sauuti: The Making of a Shared World of African Science-fiction” at the Ake Arts & Book Festival

The Sauútiverse ~ The First African Collaborative Fictional Universe” at SYLLBLECON 2022

First Look At The Sauútiverse: An African Interplanetary World-Building Project” in Brittle Paper Magazine

A First Look At The Sauútiverse” in Afrocritik

Out of this world: why we created the first collaborative African fantasy universe” in The Guardian

The Sauúti Fictional World: A Partnership Between Syllble and Brittle Paper” in Brittle Paper Magazine

Syllble Studios Partners With Brittle Paper Magazine On A Shared World Project Created By Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers From African Nations” in Syllble News

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