The Sauúti Collective Triumphs with “Mothersound” Anthology on BSFA Awards Longlist

In a groundbreaking achievement for African speculative fiction, the Sauúti Collective, comprising brilliant science fiction and fantasy African and diasporic writers and artists, has garnered well-deserved recognition with their anthology, “Mothersound” published by Android press. This exceptional work has not only captivated readers but has also secured multiple nominations on the prestigious British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) Awards longlist.

Mothersound: The Sauútiverse Anthology,” skillfully curated by the renowned editor Wole Talabi, has been nominated in the esteemed Best Collection category. This anthology, a tapestry of diverse voices and narratives, has resonated with readers globally, showcasing the rich and imaginative landscape of African speculative fiction.

The artistic prowess of Stephen Embleton and Akintoba Kalejaye, who brought the Sauútiverse to life visually, has been acknowledged with a nomination for Best Artwork. Their collaboration has not only complemented the storytelling but has elevated the visual experience of the anthology, making it a contender for one of the most coveted awards.

“Undulation,” a captivating piece by Stephen Embleton, has earned its place in the running for Best Shorter Fiction. Embleton’s ability to weave a concise yet powerful narrative has left a lasting impression, earning a spot on the prestigious shortlist.

Furthermore, three outstanding short stories from “Mothersound” have been recognized in the Best Short Fiction category. Eugen Bacon’s “Sina, the Child with No Echo,” Tobias S. Buckell’s “The Grove’s Lament,” and Cheryl S. Ntumy’s “The Way of Baa’gh” have all captivated readers with their unique perspectives, earning well-deserved nominations.

The Sauúti Collective’s success is not only a triumph for the individual contributors but also a testament to the growing influence and impact of African voices in the speculative fiction genre. As the BSFA Awards longlist is revealed, “Mothersound” stands as a shining example of the richness and diversity that African speculative fiction brings to the global literary landscape.

For readers eager to explore the Sauútiverse and support this remarkable collective, the BSFA Awards longlist is available for viewing on the official BSFA website: BSFA Awards Longlist.

As we await the final results, the Sauúti Collective at Syllble remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring African writers and artists, proving that storytelling knows no boundaries and that speculative fiction is truly a universal language.