Recap Of 2nd Annual SYLLBLECON 2023!

This past weekend on December 9th and 10th, 2023, Syllble organized its 2nd annual virtual sci-fi and fantasy extravaganza, SYLLBLECON 2023 hosted by Syllble Founder Fabrice Guerrier, igniting a passion for fictional worlds and bringing together a diverse community of writers, worldbuilders, fans, artists, and innovators from across the globe. Syllble champions inclusivity and empowers underrepresented voices within the realm of speculative fiction. It’s a vibrant ecosystem where imagination takes flight, fueled by the power of collaborative worldbuilding.

This year’s event was a dazzling display of immense creativity and connection, offering a plethora of experiences:

  • Witnessing the birth of an artistic movement rooted in collaborative worldbuilding as a social practice. What radical shifts in storytelling and collaborative art are needed to fully leverage their power for social change? What are our modern archetypes? What innovative storytelling methods and collaborative art practices can unleash the transformative potential of shared worlds to ignite social change? Can we find a unifying language and aesthetic that transcends borders and sparks new inventive styles through visionary worldbuilding through artistic collaboration that serves as a source for social and cultural activism?


  • Five awe-inspiring series pitches from talented creators unveiled the boundless potential and diverse perspectives within the Syllble:






  • A thought-provoking dialogue unfolded between the esteemed Syllble judges – Hollywood insiders and industry leaders – and the host, delving into the future of storytelling and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment world.


And the crowning glory? The coveted 2023 “World of the Year” title was bestowed upon One Humanity Writing Collective.

Esteemed 2023 SYLLBLECON Judges recognized their innovative and impactful world-building masterpiece:

Chris Hazenbush an accomplished TV Development Executive and Independent Producer. James Lejsek a media executive with 15+ years of experience in entertainment, including 10+ in media finance, having worked on the equity and debt financing of 30+ films. Zack Zucker is a Literary Manager at Bellevue Productions. Labid Aziz is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of People of Culture Studios. Andrew Cosby is the Chief Creative Officer of People of Culture Studios.

A forthcoming Syllable Manifesto will outlines movement’s evolving aesthetic, aiming to inspire a shift in its approach to thought, art-making in collaborative worldbuilding. The crafting of the Manifesto also signifies the earnest endeavor to discover a unifying lexicon and aesthetic that transcends geographical boundaries, igniting fresh inventive styles through visionary world construction. This collective artistic collaboration aims to serve as a wellspring of social and cultural activism to birth of a new wave of experimentation spanning arts, music, sciences, cinema, poetry, prose, politics, gaming, literature, and fashion.

SYLLBLE STUDIOS is a beacon for those who share a passion for sci-fi, fantasy, and the transformative power of storytelling. Join the movement next year and be a part of a community that pushes the boundaries of imagination and shapes the future of speculative fiction.