Creators & Roles

Kat Rosemond, speculative fiction writer

World summary/overview

The story takes place in the 23rd century on Earth. The countries of North America have been formed into the country of TerraDiem. The borders have been closed since the formation of the country under order of the first Chancellor Adair. The country is divided by class with the poorest and those with little offer to the nation live further from the resources it has to offer. In the two centuries of Adair rule, there have been several attempts made to overthrow the government and expose the mistreatment of its citizens. The content of former North America has been ravaged by climate change, changing what the map looks like. Most of Mexico is under water. The lands west of the Rocky Mountains is arid desert. The northern Midwest part of the country, between the Rockies and the Apalachians is home to production and industry while the southern states have the gourmet and organic farms. The eastern seaboard is where the elite of TerraDiem live and vacation.

The culture of TerraDiem is an elitist utopia for the ones closest to the Government. It becomes a dystopia the further away from the center of government you get. While the wealthy elite have garden parties, the middle class work hard on the farms that supply the elite their food. Those that cannot afford to live in luxury are forced into hard labor and enslavement in factories and factory farms. There is little in the way of infrastructure for those people, leaving them to fend for themselves.