SYLLBLECON 2022 is the first virtual convention centered around the exploration & discussion of  new fictional universes in speculative fiction.

We’re focused on bringing forth and celebrating underrepresented voices from around different corners of the globe.

The event is hosted by Syllble Studios who are organizing this creative, educational and entertaining interdisciplinary retreat where science fiction and fantasy writers, worldbuilders, fans, artists, experts and creators can network and reflect about their creative practice around: the fictional worlds.

SYLLBLECON 2022 weekend will occur on the 28th, 29th and 30th of October of this year. It will follow a combination of: presentations of worlds from Syllble creatives, discussions around crafts and creative process of worldbuilding, kaffeeklatschs, reading of stories, workshops, panels from experts in the Syllble Brain Trusts and broader creative business industries.

It will cost $10 to attend SYLLBLECON 2022. Anyone with financial need can apply to have their ticket fee waived. We will ask about the details of your financial situation, please email:

Please check this page soon for more updates about this exciting weekend retreat.