SYLLBLECON 2023 Unveils Official Selection For World Presentations

Syllble Studios to Showcase Diverse and Innovative Series Pitches by Underrepresented Creators

LOS ANGELES, NOVEMBER 17, 2023 – Syllble Studios proudly announces the official selections for the World Presentations at SYLLBLECON 2023, a science fiction and fantasy convention dedicated to celebrating fictional worlds. The convention, hosted by Syllble Studios, brings together writers, worldbuilders, fans, artists, experts, and creators from around the globe with a mission to celebrate and amplify underrepresented voices in speculative fiction.

Syllble’s ‘World Presentations’ Highlights:

Scheduled for DECEMBER 9TH, 2023, the World Presentations will feature series pitches by underrepresented science fiction and fantasy writers and artists, showcasing their collaborative work within shared-worlds. These presentations, lasting between 10 to 30 minutes, will explore various elements such as tone, lore, characters, conflict, themes, story arc, plot, and subplots.

Artistic Mediums:

Presenters will have complete creative freedom, infusing their presentations with a range of artistic mediums, including audio, text, music, animation, illustration, and dynamic PowerPoint decks. Syllble extends full support for harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence in visualization and storyboarding.

This year’s judges: Chris Hazenbush an accomplished TV Development Executive and Independent Producer. James Lejsek a media executive with 15+ years of experience in entertainment, including 10+ in media finance, having worked on the equity and debt financing of 30+ films. Zack Zucker is a Literary Manager at Bellevue Productions. Labid Aziz is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of People of Culture Studios. Andrew Cosby is the Chief Creative Officer of People of Culture Studios.

Featured world award winner last year: World of Year 2022, Parallelia

Opening Event – 8:00 AM PT: Launching an Arts Movement and Drafting a Manifesto

The opening event, titled “Launching an Arts Movement and Drafting a Manifesto,” commencing at 8:00 AM PT, will bring together prominent figures like Jacquil Constant, Amanda Colleen Williams, Grace Dillon Phd, Dr. Reynaldo Anderson, Bristol Baughan and more. They will engage in micro-presentations and a General-Assembly discussion to draft The Syllble Manifesto—an artistic, cultural, and intellectual movement rooted in collaborative science fiction and fantasy worldbuilding.

“I am convinced that our planet is undergoing significant transformations, and initiating an arts movement anchored in visionary worldbuilding through artistic collaboration is urgently crucial. We have the opportunity to envision novel systems, political structures, social dynamics, scientific and technological realities, and future possibilities for our planet, rooted in our collective aspirations toward a decolonized utopia. I firmly believe that change is not only possible but begins by empowering storytellers worldwide to share new narratives.” added Founder of Syllble Fabrice Guerrier, “SYLLBLECON 2023 embodies an ambitious vision, showcasing the creative potential of collaboration and imagining new worlds that have the power to inspire us.”

World Presentation Schedule:

    • About the world: Sauúti, a five-planet system rooted in African mythology, language, and culture, explores magic, artificial intelligence, and space flight.
    • About the world: Set in the 22nd century, Blacktopia depicts a utopian movement led by people of color seeking refuge underwater.
    • About the world: Nova Aera, a futuristic city, unveils social hierarchies, magical disparities, and a resilient euterra resistance.
    • About the world: Tiquos, a technologically advanced port city, blends magical artifacts with an underbelly of pirate trading.
    • About the world: A sentient ship community navigates shifting borders, climate refugees, and neurotechnology, challenging universal basic income.
    • About the world: TerraDiem in the 23rd century reveals class divisions, citizen mistreatment, and climate-induced transformations.

Roundtable Discussion December 10th 11:00AM: The State and Future of Storytelling

Join Us at SYLLBLECON 2023:

Syllble Studios invites fans, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to join SYLLBLECON 2023 and be part of this groundbreaking celebration of underrepresented voices and innovative worldbuilding. Together, we will shape the future of speculative fiction.