One Humanity Writing Collective Wins ‘World of the Year’ Award At SYLLBLECON 2023

Los Angeles, California – December 10, 2023One Humanity Writing Collective, a transnational group of female and nonbinary writers, has been awarded the prestigious ‘World of the Year Award’ at the second annual SYLLBLECON 2023. This year, renowned judges from Hollywood and the entertainment industry voted on a range of criteria, including visionary potential, immersive storytelling, cultural significance, and overall market appeal.

One Humanity rose to the top with their pitch for a science fiction dramedy television series set in a world with a sentient ship that assists climate refugees. Out of five compelling world presentations, One Humanity’s unique concept and engaging narrative resonated with the judges, earning them the coveted World of the Year title.

The collective boasts a collaborative spirit, having worked with world-class experts to craft their captivating sci-fi stories. The collective begin as a collaboration between Syllble and the Innovation Station at the U.S. Department of State.

This award serves as a testament to the collective’s talent and vision. Their unique perspective and storytelling have resulted in a world that is both imaginative and thought-provoking, captivating audiences and generating excitement within the industry. One Humanity is poised to make a significant mark on the world of storytelling, and the future holds exciting possibilities for this talented group.

You can watch their pitch here:

We appreciate all the impressive world presentation series pitches, which received high praise from the judges during the final roundtable discussion. Congratulations to the other four presenting groups at SYLLBLECON 2023 – Sauúti, Faia, Blacktopia, and Terra Diem.

We eagerly anticipate SYLLBLECON 2024 for an even more significant and thrilling event.