The One Humanity Writing Collective

The One Humanity Writing Collective pairs creative writers from around the world to write stories inspired by their shared experiences and ideas. Participating writers are guided through a workshop to formulate a “futuristic fictional world” that will provide the backdrop for their innovation-themed stories. Subsequently, writers within each pair collectively craft short stories in response to monthly writing prompts related to global challenges. At the culmination of the one-year virtual program, Syllble will facilitate publication of each pair’s story collection. 

The 2021-2022 One Humanity Writing Collective is seeking applicants from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, as well as Australia and New Zealand!
Writer Eligibility
  • Must live, work, or study in the country or U.S. state designated as part of the “pair.”
  • Must be an emerging or mid-career writer.
  • Must be able to commit to and participate in the virtual program’s complete one-year timeline (see responsibilities and frequency in the “General Writing Timeline” below).
  • Writers who have or are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in creative writing or a related field, or who possess similar work experience, are encouraged to apply.
  • Writers who self-identify as coming from underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.
General Writing Timeline:
  • Overall Program
    • Application opens May 2021
    • “World”-building begins July 2021
    • One-year program ends June 2022
  • Introduction and “World”-Building (Month 1)
    • All writers will gather for weekly virtual sessions with Syllble to construct a fictional, earth-based “world,” including setting and characters, on which their stories will be based throughout the year. 
    • To aid in “world”-building and discussion, writers will individually draft flash stories that explore the “world” and some of its characters.
  • Monthly Writing Prompts (Months 2-12)
    • Week 1: A new writing prompt will be introduced in the first week of each month during a virtual salon. All writers, as well as subject-matter experts related to the prompt topic, join the salon to discuss, ask questions, and generate ideas. Thereafter, each pair pitches one story idea addressing the prompt. 
    • Week 2: Each pair selects a lead writer who will be the primary drafter of a 1,000-5,000-word story based on the “world’s” setting, characters, and monthly prompt. The lead writer is responsible for incorporating the ideas of fellow writers within his or her pair. 
    • Week 3: All writers read and provide feedback on the stories submitted by the other pairs, and the lead writer completes revisions to generate his or her pair’s final draft for the month (which will be included in the pair’s end-of-year story collection).
    • Week 4: All writers will access the final drafts and vote for the month’s top story. The top story will undergo workshopping with Syllble’s editor. 

The One Humanity Writing Collective will first meet in July 2021.

Thank you for your interest in Syllble Studios One Humanity Writing Collective. The Application for creative writers are now closed.


 Congrats to the 2021 One Humanity Writing Collective writers!

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