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Create extraordinary sci-fi and fantasy worlds with other talented creatives to get your stories published

At Syllble, we establish ‘artist collectives’ by matching you with new creative writers and visual artists friends from diverse backgrounds and points of view. Each artist collective creates together in a writers’ room and connects around a ‘fictional world’. 

What’s the point of a fictional world, you ask? To collaborate, connect, and own your art in an entirely new way. Join our cultural movement.

Through our production house, you can invite others to contribute to your fictional world, and find a fanbase for your stories, illustrations, or other creations. Syllble gives you the tools to develop and cultivate your new world with an aim to publish and grow Intellectual Property (IP) through different mediums.

Benefits of Joining Syllble 

We aim to be an experimental breaking ground for emerging diverse storytellers from around the world.

Get published through the Syllble Star Imprint 

Syllble’s Publishing arm releases a unique science fiction and fantasy magazine as well as collaborative novels called micro-novels and stories from the Syllble community. You can publish through Syllble or submit to an independent publisher.

Access to our brain trust

The Brain Trust at Syllble is a group of creative mentors, scientific advisors and experts committed to the success of Syllble’s many artist collectives. You can engage with experts and established figures.


Participate in SYLLBLECON, the first virtual convention centered around the exploration & discussion of  new fictional universes in speculative fiction. We’re focused on bringing forth underrepresented voices from around different corners of the globe and celebrating through unique Syllble awards.

Explore worlds

Don’t want to start by yourself or a blank slate? You can immerse yourself in some of Syllble’s fictional world and pitch a new story from different mediums to the showrunners and get published.  

Participate in pens down!

Pens Down is Syllble’s Worldbuilder’s Workshop. It takes place over six, Zoom-based hour-long sessions led by the creator of the world called Showrunners. You create with others in a series of prompts over three acts. 

Our author series

Participate in intimate gatherings in our authors series to learn from creative writers, storytellers and visual artists who are leaders in the creative industries. 

Get editorial support

Receive professional assistance during the editing and publishing processes.

Market and sell

Syllble will assist in marketing any published work. It will provide the best stories with the designing of unique pitch decks. It will be given and used as means to sell and license to the entertainment world and explore across the transmedia industry.

We welcome any science fiction or fantasy creator, no matter the country or region. We especially encourage women, LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, and Black creators, creators from Indigenous groups and all People of Color.

Join the our DISCORD SERVER, start building, and take part in this exciting, inclusive, and empowered creative experience!

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