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Create and explore extraordinary sci-fi and fantasy worlds of your very own and launch your pilots.

Syllble Studios connects creative writers, visual artists and creators through what we like to call The Fictional World. Through our production house, creators can develop their own fictional world, invite others to contribute, and find audiences for their stories, illustrations, or other creations. What’s the point of a fictional world, you ask? To collaborate, connect, and own your art in an entirely new way. Join the platform (for free!), start building, and take part in this exciting, inclusive, and empowered creative experience!

To join our community, apply by sending a message directly to with your CV, relevant portfolio links and/or writing samples, and a written statement telling us why you’re a great fit for the community at Syllble. In your statement, let us know one fictional that has changed you and why. We’d love to hear! If applicable, please mention if you were recommended by one of our Syllblelites too.

We welcome application submissions from any science fiction or fantasy creator, no matter the country or region, and we especially encourage women, LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, and Black creators, creators from Indigenous groups and all People of Color.


Syllble revolves around a Triannual production cycle called PENS DOWN. It is a collaborative space where all creators from different mediums in the Syllble community comes together to create in one World for four month intervals

Production: First three months

Six PENS DOWN meetups – over one hour you write a flash fiction in the selected world live on Syllble’s Youtube Channel

Twelve weekly Thursday Write-In Sessions – where you write and create with others every Thursday

Three monthly Studio Time Sessions – where you can submit your work to be discussed and receive feedback

Final/Post Production: Last fourth month

Final drafts of content are submitted and curated by the Showrunners in a manuscript for publication called the Micronovel. It is a collaborative novel, a new form created at Syllble that serves as the basis for a TV pilots and transmedia adaptation. Collectives at Syllble will explore putting together pitch decks for a series from the best storylines that emerges.

Writers at Syllble are able to submit for consideration their Worlds to be selected in the Triannual production cycle.

When joining the community, Syllble follows these primary steps and process in creation of your work and help you get representation


Choose to join an existing group or develop a new World (Read some highlighted Worlds)


Fill out the essential details of the world alone or with others


Plot and coordinate stories arising from the World


As stories are being written, creators may request feedback from other members


Story drafts may be submitted to the Syllble editorial team or others of from other worlds in the community


Publish through Syllble or submit to an independent publisher


Syllble will assist in marketing any published work and support in the designing of unique pitch decks for your story that will be used as means to sell and license in the entertainment and transmedia industry.

We aim to be an experimental ground for diverse storytelling from around the world and produce ‘pilots‘ from their worlds.

Syllble Platform Features

✩  Find new writer and creator friends from diverse backgrounds and points of view

✩ Develop new worlds with an aim to publish and grow IP


✩  Build a community around your fictional world’s canon and invite others to collaborate with you

✩ Receive professional assistance during the editing and publishing processes

✩ Engage with experts and established figures in the field through Syllble’s Brain Trust
and Network