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Embark on a journey of collaborative world-building with fellow talented creators, weaving extraordinary sci-fi and fantasy landscapes that lead to the publication of your stories. Within our unique global creative community, you’ll not only see your work come to life in print but also establish lifelong connections along the way. We passionately believe that together, you can achieve greater distances, and our ever-evolving world calls for it.

What sets Syllble apart is our unique approach of forming ‘Artist Collectives.‘ We bring together budding creative writers and visual artists from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, forging friendships that foster creativity. Each artist collective collaboratively creates in a shared writers’ room, weaving a vibrant ‘Fictional World‘ that unites their talents.

Why create a fictional world, you may wonder? It’s about forging fresh collaborations, establishing meaningful connections, and taking ownership of your art in an entirely innovative manner. Within our production house, you have the opportunity to welcome others into your fictional realm, while also building a dedicated fanbase for your stories, artwork, and other creations. Syllble equips you with the necessary tools to nurture and develop your newfound world with the ultimate goal of publishing your works and growing the world.

Since our founding in 2018 by Fabrice Guerrier, our dedication lies in fostering an environment where up-and-coming storytellers from diverse backgrounds can freely delve into fresh concepts and challenge the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. By joining us, you become a valued member of a worldwide community that is reshaping the definition of creative writing in the 21st Century.


Realize your publishing dreams with Syllble Books, our dedicated publishing division. Syllble Books offers a distinctive science fiction and fantasy magazine, along with collaborative micro-novels and stories crafted by the Syllble community. You have the option to submit your work to Syllble Books for consideration or we help prepare your submission to independent publishers


Prefer not to begin from scratch or work solo? Dive into Syllble’s existing fictional worlds, pitch fresh stories across various mediums to our showrunners, and have your work published


Join us at SYLLBLECON, the inaugural virtual convention dedicated to delving into and showcasing fresh fictional worlds in the realm of speculative fiction. Our mission is to amplify the voices often overlooked from diverse corners of the world while honoring their creativity with the distinctive Syllble awards.


Syllble offers professional guidance throughout the editing and publishing phases. We go beyond that—assisting with marketing for all published works. We specialize in crafting exceptional pitch decks for top-notch stories, which can serve as powerful tools for selling and licensing your content in the entertainment industry and beyond, venturing into the dynamic world of transmedia storytelling.


Engage in exclusive gatherings and experience live podcast recordings from ‘The Sun & The World’ podcast series. Discover insights from prominent creative writers, storytellers, and visual artists who are trailblazers in the creative industries.


The Syllble Brain Trust consists of creative mentors, scientific advisors, and experts dedicated to ensuring the success of Syllble’s numerous artist collectives. If you require guidance and expertise while developing the science-based futuristic world your collective envisions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can request to collaborate with experienced professionals and established figures who can assist you in your research endeavors.


Pens Down is Syllble’s Worldbuilder’s Workshop—a highly engaging and immersive experience. This workshop unfolds over six hour-long Zoom sessions, guided by the world’s creator, known as the Showrunners. Throughout these sessions, you’ll intimately explore the intricacies of the presented world meticulously crafted by the Showrunners. Collaborating with others, you’ll embark on creative journeys through a series of prompts across three acts. Additionally, Pens Down can also take the form of one-off events where participants collectively craft flash stories in real-time together over Google Docs. These stories are then considered for inclusion in our communities prestigious Syllble Star magazine.

We extend a warm welcome to science fiction and fantasy creators from all corners of the globe, regardless of their nationality or background. We wholeheartedly embrace and encourage participation from women, LGBTQ+, non-binary individuals, Black creators, those from Indigenous communities, and creators of all ethnicities and backgrounds. We invite you to become a part of our community, embark on the journey of world-building, and immerse yourself in this exciting, inclusive, and empowering creative adventure!

If you’re interested in partnering, collaborating, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us by sending a message to or directly to our founder

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