Pens Down is Syllble’s Worldbuilders’ Workshop


The Pens Down is Syllble’s premiere Worldbuilders’ Workshop and is a chance to grow as a writer and a visual artist in a fun and collaborative way. Syllble believes creating in someone else’s world works your creative muscles in a variety of powerful ways. From the speculative fictional worlds of Butler, Tolkien and Le Guin to the science fictional worlds of Jemisin to Asimov, we believe worldbuilding is the best way to evolve our planet and enable diverse underrepresented voices from around the world to the creative industries. We aim to expand the pipeline of diverse creative talent in publishing, Hollywood and beyond.

Pens Down takes place over six, Zoom-based hour-long sessions led by the creator of the world called Showrunners. Writing for Pens Down does not guarantee that your material will be chosen for the collaborative novel at the end of the process and/or representation to get your pilot seen. Pens Down Worldbuilders Workshop is made up of three events: The Writers Room, The Studio Time and The Thursday Write-in Sessions


Writers and Visual Artists from illustrative to filmmaking. We are open to other mediums as well.

⬤ Must be an emerging, mid-career, or have a portfolio to submit to the Syllble Showrunners.

⬤ Must be willing and able to commit to and participate in the virtual program’s complete four-month timeline.

⬤ Writers who have or are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in creative writing or a related field or who possess similar work experience are encouraged to apply.

⬤ Writers who self-identify as coming from underrepresented communities are highly encouraged to apply.


⬤ Writers own their work and share profit if their works get published or adapted

⬤ Create in your own voice and develop it

⬤ Learn rules of flash fiction, worldbuilding, and setting creation

⬤ Find new writer and creator friends from diverse backgrounds and points of view

⬤ How to tell a three-act story

⬤ Character development and engage the different types of character arcs

⬤ Engage with experts and established figures in the field through Syllble’s Brain Trust and Network

⬤ Deepen your knowledge in the art of collaborative speculative fiction writing in a Writer’s room and have the chance to get your story published and pilot pitched.


I’ve never collaborated like this before! It opened my mind to new directions of stories. I had so much fun.” – Tonya

Working with other creatives strengthened my creative flow.” – Crystal

The brainstorming of ideas collaboratively was extremely valuable, because I have trouble with forming strong ideas on my own.” – Allen

I enjoyed sharing my struggles in writing with others and being truly heard.” – Jess

Full tuition and partial Scholarships are available on a need to need basis. Please reach out to to apply for scholarships and if you have any questions.

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