The Innovation Station: Creative Industry Lab at the U.S. State Department assists Syllble Studios on a collaborative program to help creative writers explore innovations that address global challenges

The “One Humanity Writing Collective” convenes creative writers from Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico with creative writers from Australia and New Zealand to write stories together inspired by their shared experiences and ideas. Syllble will first guide the participating writers through a workshop to formulate a “futuristic fictional world” that will provide the backdrop for their innovation-themed stories. 

A one-year virtual program, Syllble’s One Humanity Writing Collective asks participating writers to jointly create fictional stories based on monthly prompts related to global challenges. Through monthly salon discussions, writers will engage experts and master storytellers from Syllble’s Brain Trust that will support their worldbuilding and story crafting. 

“We’re fostering a creator community at Syllble and a unique process to collaborate on the production of works through fictional worlds they create together. I am excited for this special creative exchange. We’re connecting writers from unique locations deeply rooted in indigenous traditions, and I welcome all underrepresented voices to apply. Our world needs creativity more than ever before to inspire new ideas and new innovations that address the global challenges we face together. I believe the One Humanity Writing Collective will help us imagine a more resilient, peaceful, and prosperous world.”

Fabrice Guerrier, Syllble CEO and Founder

The application will open in May 2021 and the collective will first meet in July 2021. For more information visit, or contact Fabrice at