Syllble Founder Launches Utopia The Hot Dog World

Los Angeles, California – December 11, 2023  Fabrice Guerrier, Founder of Syllble, has embarked on a bold and imaginative journey – creating “Utopia The Hot Dog World,” a fictional world that will be powered exclusively by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for art, storyboarding and visualization. Stepping away from the traditional, Guerrier aims to explore the elusive concept of ‘Utopia’ through the eyes of children.

“The concept of a Utopia has frequently been dismissed or even viewed as a Dystopia. However, I firmly believe that adopting Utopian visions of the future through a decolonizing perspective can wield a remarkable and revolutionary influence for immediate change. The various phases of transformation often ensnare us in the cycle of oppression. With this character’s experiences in life and within this vibrant futuristic fictional world, my objective is to create narratives for children that rekindle the enchantment of envisioning a brighter future and inspire others to share their stories within this same realm.” Says Founder Fabrice Guerrier

Utopia The Hot Dog Waiting For His Adventures

Guerrier hopes to inspire children with the character Utopia, a courageous dachshund who himself believes in the power of radical possibility, even amidst many challenges he faces.

By harnessing the potential of AI and combining it with the magic of storytelling, Guerrier aims to create a world where diverse voices are heard and imaginations are ignited. These concept arts were generated using, ChatGPT, the large language model developed by OpenAI.