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Fabrice Guerrier (Creator ) is a Haitian-American writer, artist and founder of Syllble, a pioneering science fiction and fantasy production house and publisher that creates fictional worlds by connecting diverse creative writers, visual artists and inspired creators from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures through artist collectives. His vision is to bring a new era of storytelling in Hollywood and the publishing world by building vibrant collectives of underrepresented creators producing together within unique fictional universes, publishing the best original work that emerges and growing these worlds through creative collaborations, content creation, and transmedia. He was selected as a 2022 PEN Emerging Voices fellow finalist and a PEN Haiti fellow by PEN America. He was inducted into Forbes 30 Under 30 list and named to Root magazine’s 100 most influential African-Americans.


In the near-future landscape of New York City in 2065, a realm of animal kingdoms unfolds. Here, we step into a futuristic rendition of the city, where humans have become thoroughly ensconced within the realms of virtual reality and augmented reality. Their profound immersion in technology has led to a stark disconnection from the natural world, leaving many creatures perplexed about the fundamental reasons behind their behaviors and instincts.

There’s different key different worlds – the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten. All of our characters will be focused in Manhattan. High rise buildings, flying cars are starting, over crowdedness and flooding. Magical worlds are also possible and will be explored in stories.

Creators Goal

Aiming to create a groundbreaking children’s book that uses AI technology to transport young readers to the magical world of AI-generated art. This World will aim to experiment and produce an AI animated short films, sketches, and potential collaborative projects, all set within the first children’s storytelling universe at Syllble. Within this world, charming and enduring characters will engage children with witty and insightful commentary on our ever-changing world.

Concepts and Themes

  1. Pursuing one’s excitement: This concept refers to the idea of actively following one’s passions and interests, seeking out activities and experiences that bring joy and fulfillment in life.
  2. Sacrifice: Sacrifice involves giving up something valuable or important for a greater cause or purpose. It often requires individuals to make selfless choices and put the needs of others or a larger goal ahead of their own desires or well-being.
  3. Understand one another and differences: This concept underscores the importance of empathetically comprehending other people’s perspectives, beliefs, and backgrounds, as well as acknowledging and appreciating the diversity and differences among individuals in society.
  4. Utopianism and Optimism: Utopianism refers to the vision of an ideal, perfect society, while optimism is a positive outlook or belief in the potential for positive change. Both concepts encourage hope, progress, and the pursuit of better circumstances.
  5. Moral Imagination: Moral imagination involves the ability to envision and consider ethical choices, dilemmas, and solutions in various situations, often by empathizing with others and contemplating the consequences of one’s actions on a broader moral scale. It encourages a creative and empathetic approach to moral decision-making.
  6. Adventure: Embarking on a thrilling journey, a group of intrepid explorers traversed uncharted territories, facing danger and excitement at every turn.
  7. Disenfranchised: Those marginalized and excluded from societal benefits and opportunities grappled with the harsh reality of unequal treatment and limited access to resources.
  8. Rites of Passage: Rituals and ceremonies that mark significant life transitions, such as adolescence to adulthood, play a vital role in cultural and personal development.
  9. First contact of extraterrestrials: The initial encounter with beings from beyond our world raised profound questions about the universe and the potential for interstellar communication.


The Main character is ‘Utopia‘ called “Utopia The Hot Dog” a black and brown belly Dachshund gets separated from his owners in this world. He is the embodiment of Utopian ideals and always aiming to create the best case scenarios, the perfect society.

World News

Syllble Founder Launches Utopia The Hot Dog World” in Syllble News

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