Caylee Tierney (Young adult writer and editor)

Lianda Burrows (Fiction writer)

Paulinette Quirindongo (Speculative fiction writer)

World summary/overview

Tiquos is a technologically advanced, cosmopolitan melting pot port city on the east coast of Faia. Any magical creature you can imagine is found in Tiquos. As is any race, culture, gender, sexuality, ability and so on. The city and the country around it are open to all.

The surface culture and economy of Tiquos revolves around the management and celebration of the magical artefacts and antiquities found across Faia—relics of bygone eras in the country’s long history. There is an underbelly of pirate trading and smuggling antiquities out of the country and of people with magical power who come with the aim of wielding the ancient objects to their own ends.

The underbelly doesn’t rise to overtake the city or country because its meritocratic ruler, Lady Melanie, has great magical power in her own right. Due to the eccentric Lady’s bias against men, all government and civil service roles are filled by women. Many such roles are involved in managing the power of artefacts so they don’t do damage when unearthed, and researching them to understand their power.

World Themes:

Futuristic blended with magic, political intrigue and piracy.

Non- magical creatures have developed technology in lieu of magic, and this technology interacts with the old magic

Geography of Faia:

Desert to the west of Tiquos

Thick bush/forest (think Tasmanian wilderness) to the north west

Snowy mountains to the south west

Syllble’s PEN DOWN: FAIA Session 1

“Pens Down” serves as a creative worldbuilding workshop hosted by Syllble, where world creators extend invitations to writers and artists from the Syllble community. Together, they collaborate to bring these fictional realms to life through writing and imagination.


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