Syllble Books Announces the Release of “The Artifact Rebellion” – A New Collaborative Fantasy Novel

Los Angeles, CA – May 9, 2024 – Syllble Books is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of “The Artifact Rebellion,” a collaborative novel developed through Syllble’s unique worldbuilding workshop, “Pens Down.” This new title will be available on May 28, 2024, with pre-orders now open on Amazon.

“The Artifact Rebellion” takes place in the high fantasy world of Faia, specifically in the technologically advanced artifact capital, Tiquos. The novel unfolds a dramatic narrative where magical artifacts, yearning for freedom after years of use and abuse, rise against their human overlords. This rebellion sets the stage for an explosive confrontation between the enigmatic leader, Lady Melanie, and the artifact-powered factions within the city.

Crafted by the imaginative minds of Caylee Tierney, Lianda Burrows, and Paulinette J. Quirindongo Ramos, and featuring contributions from acclaimed writers Fabrice Guerrier, Tim Malachy, and Cameron Posey, “The Artifact Rebellion” is a testament to the power of collaborative storytelling. The novel promises to immerse readers in a saga of conflict, survival, and resistance, highlighting the choices that define the fate of Tiquos and its inhabitants.

Syllble Books is proud to support a diverse group of global writers and creators, emphasizing the importance of voices from women, LGBTQ+, Black creators, Indigenous groups, and all People of Color. This publication is part of our commitment to bringing forward innovative works that challenge conventions and envision new possibilities for a better future.

About Syllble Books:
Syllble Books is the publishing arm of Syllble Studios, dedicated to exploring new ideas through science fiction and fantasy literature. Known for pioneering the collaborative literary form of micro-novels, Syllble aims to produce captivating narratives that span across fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Our focus remains on empowering diverse voices and creating out-of-this-world stories that resonate with readers worldwide.

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