Unchained Century


Luis Carlos Barragán is a writer and illustrator focused on science fiction, and a lecturer in Islamic art and Middle Eastern history. He has published three sci-fi novels: Vagabunda Bogotá, winning Best Novel Award at Chamber of Commerce of Medellín and shortlisted for the Rómulo Gallegos Award; El Gusano, shortlisted for the Isaac Asimov Award at El Ateneo de Puerto Real; and Tierra Contrafuturo. His short story collection Parasitos Perfectos received the Idartes Publishing Grant. He has won the George Scanlon Award, Ucronías Peru’s Alternative History Award and Altered Carbon Short Story Award. He has illustrated numerous book covers, posters and animation backgrounds. He is also an art director and concept artist for sci-fi animation and virtual reality. 

Fabrice Guerrier  is a Haitian-American writer, artist and founder of Syllble, a pioneering science fiction and fantasy production house and publisher that creates fictional worlds by connecting diverse creative writers, visual artists and inspired creators from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures through artist collectives. His vision is to bring a new era of storytelling in Hollywood and the publishing world by building vibrant collectives of underrepresented creators producing together within unique fictional universes, publishing the best original work that emerges and growing these worlds through creative collaborations, content creation, and transmedia. He was selected as a 2022 PEN Emerging Voices fellow finalist and a PEN Haiti fellow by PEN America. He was inducted into Forbes 30 Under 30 list and named to Root magazine’s 100 most influential African-Americans.

Cristina Jurado is a bilingual author, editor and translator of speculative fiction. In 2019 she became the first female writer to win the Best Novel Ignotus Award (Spain’s Hugo Award) for Bionautas. Her recent fiction includes the novella ChloroPhyllia and her collection of stories Alphaland & Other Tales. She has worked as international editor for Apex magazine, and contributor for the bilingual quarterly Constelación magazine. She ran the Spanish multi-awarded magazine SuperSonic for seven years and currently co-directs the online space Futura House for Hispanich authors in English. Her short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and publications and in 2020 she was distinguished as Europe’s Best SF Promoter Award. 

Arturo Serrano was born in Colombia. In Spanish, his stories have appeared in the science fiction anthology Cronómetros para el Fin de los Tiempos and in Axxón magazine. In English, he has been published in Antimatter Magazine and Black Bough Poetry. He was part of the team of translators at bilingual science fiction magazine Constelación, and is a reviewer at the Hugo-winning, Ignite-winning blog Nerds of a Feather. He self-published the alternate history novel To Climates Unknown.

Paz Pardo is the author of alternate history novel The Shamshine Blind, which was selected as one of the best scifi/fantasy novels of 2023 by Library Journal and one of the best debuts by Crimereads. Her writing has been featured in The New York Times Modern Love column, LitHub, Crimereads, The Brooklyn Review, The I Scream Social Anthology: Volume 1, and Howlround Theater Commons, among other venues. She received her MFA from the Michener Center for Writers in 2018.

Alexander Wallace is a writer and critic. He helps run the Alternate History Online group on Facebook and the Alternate Timelines forum on Proboards. He is a regular contributor to the Sea Lion Press blog, a member of the Washington Science Fiction Association and writes for its Review. He was the editor for Allo Americana Alternate History Anthology.

World Summary

The Spanish Republican forces emerge victorious in the Civil War, halting the Nationalist advance and preventing the establishment of a regime led by Francisco Franco.

World News

Syllble To Launch New Collaborative Worldbuilding Project on The Alternate History Genre” in Syllble News

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