Hellmouth Studios


Creators & Roles

Fabrice Guerrier, speculative fiction writer

Rhys D., Horror writer

Creator goals 

Create a series of short horror stories from the world and expand it with visual arts. Explore avenues for comic books.

Collaborations they are looking for

Visual Comic Book Artists
Script Writers

World summary/overview

This supernatural horror world takes place in 2050. The largest studio in Hollywood thus far has been created on top of a Hellmouth. The first Hell Mouth. A demon has taken over the mind of an executive to accelerate the end of the world through the media. Its goal is to release all monsters and cosmic beings from the other dimensions, bring Hell unto the Earth. As a result evil and different supernatural species from all over the world are attracted to this location.


The power of ideas to mold meaning, reality and shape people. Everything starts with a story. This is how the soul energy of humans flow and entities such as demonic forces see this and want to take hold of how humanity understand itself.

When we are confronted with realities that brings us into shock and disbelief. Some people live their entire lives with a specific belief system. Yet what happens when everything crumbles down? What do those transition points mean? Does nihilism win or does resilience and a search for new meaning unfolds itself?

The ‘Banality of Evil’ is a concept coined by German American philosopher Hannah Arendt where she describes: “Under conditions of terror most people will comply but some people will not… No more is required, and no more can reasonably be asked, for this planet to remain a place fit for human habitation.”


The Earth looks like just like ours but is future in the 2050s future. Our world takes place in a fictional location in Los Angeles, California within one of the largest filmmaking production lot and campus ever built “Studio A.”

Studio A: Is the newly made and largest motion picture and television production and post-production facilities in the industry. The 346-acre main lot and nearby 129-acre Ranch facility collectively encompass 98 sound stages and 64 exterior sets

Multi-dimensions & Hellmouth: Is underground in caves below Studio A. It is the first entrance to Hell bridging the gap between the hell world and the humans

Inside of hell is very cold and different type of monsters, vicious and highly intelligent beings with the mindset of conquering, destroying and absolving. Hell is but one of many dimensions that exists, yet humanity and people across ages have called it Hell due to its energetic frequency of madness that it causes people and this sense of destruction that is born just by sensing its atmosphere

Technology/Magic System

Technology: In the 2050s technology has evolved quite a bit. From Artificial intelligent system, smart cities, brain interface, VR/AR and cutting edge technologies for filmmaking at Studio A

Low grade magic: It is passed down from different groups of people who are able to impact nature, people and technological systems: Wicca, European Sorcery, Alchemy and Haitian/New Orleans Voodoo

High grade magic: Reserved for high class demons themselves and especially human users who make a pack with such demons. This is very rare in this world. As most humans will be driven to the point of insanity and suicide. Sometimes a group of people can share the burden and do a collective pack


High Society Culture: There’s definitely a sense of aristocratic for the famous artists, actors and studio executives. They bask in fame and they expect to be treated a certain way. If you do not have a following, nor a massive amount of wealth, you are a nobody to them 

Artist/Dreamer: A culture of being wild and freedom. The rising youth hoping to “Make it in” they break things and have no sense of respect for the establishments

Underground magic: This is an underground magical circuit that the practitioners of magic from different groups are aware of each other


Senior Film Executives and Funders: the senior executive have control on what goes and say. They’re the richest and are closely ties with the politicians in California and the government in Washington D.C.  

Relevant Groups in Hellmouth Studios World


Secret Society: groups of occultist that includes a few executives but not all of them. They are under the control of one the high class demons under Elias’s rule. Not all agrees with some of the actions done of blood sacrifices. None are really aware of the plans to let Elias into the Earth dimensions to end it and rule it

Hollywood Executives: They make the decisions on all the films, the sets, who to hire and the artistic directions of the stories told and what messages to include from the film or television being made

Creative Working Class: creatives who come to work at the studios. The come from a varied jobs: set designers, costume designers, chefs of cafeteria, prop masters, makeup artists, composers, movie editors and etc

Magical: Underground magicians, warlocks, witches, seers and other magical folks who are aware of the multidimensional spirit world and what is at stake


Higher Class: These entities do not look like humans at all nor are they in close resemblance to the demons that are spoken of in human culture today. They are not anywhere anthropomorphic nor in the size that they can be conceived of for humans. They are gigantic. They rule the realms of the cosmos. The last place they seek to conquer is the Earth dimension

Elias: King of hell. Description: 230 feet tall. Holds a large turtle like back with spikes. Two large hands, two large feet with gigantic claws, scales, slime, and a long tail with bones. He has dark blue and black colors all over his body. He seeks to move into the earth realm which is the last realm he has yet conquered. The only thing in his way is the barrier of the Hell mouth. History: Elias was born ending the cosmic war between all realms of a higher dimensional society

Sohias: Queen of Hell. Description: 200 feet tall. She is tall her skin is red, scales and long hairs and a tortoise back

Magical beings

Angelic forces: there exists angelic forces and divine powers as told throughout ancient times and human history that seek to be a force of good but they have given up on earth as they lost the cosmic war. There maybe way for their resurgence and humanity calling to them but this will unfold in unknown ways 

The Hell mouth and on Studio A lot attracts all sorts of magical beings and creatures from all over the world (Vampires, Werewolves and etc). There’s a lot of strange deaths on set, cover up and mysteries. 

Greek mythologies: beings of chaos, of different anthropomorphic vision of forces also exist 

Conflicts in World

Supernatural Horror vs. Human Society
Studio A’s Workers Union vs Film Executives
Life vs. Death and the End of the World


2043 The construction of Studio A begins

2050 Studio A’s Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting

2051 First ritual ceremony by Secret society to activate the Hellmouth

2051 People disappearing and murders begins

2051 Ghost sightings, people are going mad

World News

SYLLBLECON 2022 // October 29: Hellmouth Studios PENS DOWN Worldbuilding Workshop (Halloween Special!)

“Pens Down” serves as a creative worldbuilding workshop hosted by Syllble, where world creators extend invitations to writers and artists from the Syllble community. Together, they collaborate to bring these fictional realms to life through writing and imagination.

Pens Down presents Hellmouth Studios World Session


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