Creators & Role

Fabrice Guerrier (Sci-fi and fantasy writer)

World Summary/ Overview

BABWE WORLD is a galactic park located on a giant planetary system with three moons and a sun. The park rehabilitates and revives animals from all over the galaxy. It is a haven for animals alien species that have been injured, orphaned, or displaced. The park provides these animals with the care and attention they need to recover and thrive.


There’s a specific tribal community called the Babwezipi that have been the guardians of the BABWE WORLD for over 80,000 years.

Different corners of the planet are ruled by different parts of the tribes and they always welcome extinct or endangered species from around the corner of the Galaxy and the universe through genetic engineering, artificial intelligence and the good old.

The world now has three smaller moons and they are thinking about expanding endlessly through the smaller moons as parks to open to the public where people and beings from all across the universe can come in and watch and see and engage these extinct or endangered animals creatures.

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