Creators & roles

Fabrice Guerrier (Sci-fi and fantasy writer)

World summary/ overview

Antarctica’s ice caps have fully melted, and the world is on the verge of a new world war. In this time of chaos and uncertainty, a group of people uncover an abandoned city in Antarctica. The city is unlike anything they have ever seen before, and it is clear that it was built by an unknown alien species.

The people who discover the city are all from different walks of life, but they are all drawn to it for different reasons. Some are curious about its origins, while others are drawn to its power. After spending some time in the city, the people begin to realize that they have gained superpowers. It increasingly activated powers more in women than men.

The people who have gained superpowers are now Earth’s last hope. They must use their powers to stop the war and prevent the world from descending into chaos. But they are not the only ones who have gained superpowers. There are others who have been corrupted by the power of the city, and they are determined to use it for their own ends.

The people with superpowers must now band together to fight for the future of humanity. They must use their powers wisely and responsibly, or they could end up destroying the world they are trying to save.

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