The last conquistador

Creators & Roles

Tim Malachy, fiction writer

Creator goals 

Write a series within the world and a novel.

Collaborations they are looking for

Visual Artists

World summary/overview

The Americas at our current time, but having followed a completely different timeline after the Spanish lost in Tenochtitlan and fled into the desert, leaving the native Mesoamericans to develop on their own, but inspired by the horse, the sword, and the wheel.

Conquistadoria — this is the kingdom on the high plains of northern Mexico comprised of the descendants of what Spanish remained in the New World after Cortez lost his war and fled with hundreds of fellow conquistador as well as refugees from the islands into the deserts of Great Continent. Centuries later, they have emerged from the wilderness to seize lands above the Tolutek Empire of the New Sun. They are known as God Killers, Plague Bringers, and slaves of the Crucified God, and are attacked again and again, but favorable location, as well as superior steel and horses, enables them to retain their grip on the land they claimed.

Tolutek Empire — this is a multicultural, sweeping empire founded out of the anarchy and carnage that left the Valley a place of waste and desolation. invasions from abroad, and centuries under the thumb first of Qechua speakers from the distant south to the Warrior Clans of the Bear and Orca from the icelands. But the one called Tolus rose from mercenary slave to revolutionary and leader, and who founded the empire based on radically centralized rule. The Tolutek Empire worships the Dragon of Wisdom and has ruled over a largely peaceable empire for hundreds of years. But cracks are showing, the ruling class is growing fat and lazy, and brutal and exploitative, and captive kingdoms are yearning for freedom. Meanwhile, prophecies say that a demon will come to the God-Killers, and this demon will reveal a weapon so terrible that it will wipe the world clean of the Toluteks and all other peoples, and leave the God Killers in absolute power over the world.

Kaddoah — A city state in the same location as present day New Orleans, long history of independence and free living. Trade hub and center of learning and lore. First among the city states that dot the coastlines of the Oyun Sea.

Oyun Empire — The Oyun are black skinned seafarers who also came from lands far away, but having learned the lore of their former masters, have gained an empire that spans the Oyun Sea all the say to the Sea of the Rising Sun. In their galleons and caravels, they ply trade routes hundreds of leagues north and south and are the only maritime force. Until now.

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