Moon Clan

Creators & Roles

Fabrice Guerrier (Sci-fi and fantasy writer)

World Summary/ Overview

In the deep mountain forests of East Africa, there exists a secret matriarchal community of spiritual monks known as the Moon Clan. They have lived in seclusion for centuries, away from the chaos and destruction of the outside world: climate change, war and political instability. The Moon Clan is governed by a council of women elders, who have seen the planet Earth undergo many changes over the years.

Every full moon, the members of the Moon Clan transform into beasts, similar to werewolves. The younger members of the clan are kept in cages during this time, as they are not yet able to control their transformations. The local tribes have stories of monsters in the mountains, which are likely based on the roars that can be heard on full moons.

Occasionally, members of the Moon Clan are allowed to venture into the cities to gather tools and technologies for their underground communities. They have managed to remain hidden for this long. The Moon Clan has a rich history and culture, which is based on their connection to the natural world. They have developed their own unique language and way of life. They are skilled in the use of magic and healing. They are committed to protecting the environment yet knowing its destruction is imminent.


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