The Orion Paradigm 

Creators & Roles

John Cho, Science fiction writer

Logosou Kuyadah,  Speculative fiction writer

Micheal Sirjue, Speculative fiction writer

World summary/overview

Of the thousands of star-facing races alive today, the most established Septs have always converged onto the same truths. For instance, the existence of a race is not for the individual and the individual cannot escape the Law. But, the wisest and oldest races recognized long ago that the tapestry spun for the legacy of each race still relies on the individual and its ability to interweave its life for the greater existence of the Sept at any point in time. It is foolish to think otherwise. Each Sept strives to be one with the Law.

The earth and its inhabitants however remain an interesting anomaly from the untrained galactic visitor. They don’t adhere to the Galactic laws and regulations that all others must abide by. The earliest forms of these laws and regulations have been established for several hundred thousand years. It can’t be their fault (one would suppose) since earth creatures rarely live long enough to even consider their own existence in any serious manner. Some have pondered that their existence is nothing short of accidental, whereas others have wondered if they are not the result of some anonymous joke on the rest of the Galaxy. Something the Jakadu are known for. To be clear, every race that has been granted tari-tari was assisted directly or indirectly by the Sept mother race. Still the idea of an accident or a joke finding its way somehow into space by themselves leaves some thinking that perhaps there is a link here to some ancient provenance.

It is important that the characters stay true to their own existence and limited understanding of who they are. Some are human, some are earth beings, and some are aliens. They all have a view/opinion — some more anchored in thousands of years of experience, knowledge and Galactic politics while some are anchored in intuition and a “hunch”.

Humanity has an interesting wild-card in all of this (being the youngling/inferior race) — they have a culture that is anchored in concepts that are interestingly human; curiosity, ingenuity, survival, love. Are these unique? Probably not, but what is unique is that these human attributes are not buried in thousands of years / layers of protocols, regulations, laws, Galactic culture.