Syllble Inc. Partners With Moko Caribbean Arts and Letters Magazine


Washington,  DC – October 23, 2020 – Syllble, a science fiction and fantasy writers’ production house based in Washington, D.C, will be partnering with Moko: Caribbean Arts and Letters Magazine, a non-profit journal based in the Virgin Islands. Moko publishes fiction, poetry, visual arts, and non-fiction essays that reflect a Caribbean heritage or experience. 

Syllble and Moko will commission black speculative fiction authors to design and write in a shared fictional universe. Syllble backs writers and allows them to collaborate virtually, share resources and foster a supportive community. 

“Being from Haiti, partnering with Moko is very meaningful for me. It’s a great opportunity to support speculative fiction authors who are black and from the Caribbean. The Short Fiction publishing industry is changing fast and we need new ways to support writers and small publishers – that’s our innovation at Syllble. Working within the same universe these authors won’t have to write by themselves. Together they will be exploring new paradigms and creating bold new visions for the world.” 

                                                             – Fabrice Guerrier, Syllble CEO and Founder

The team of individual black speculative fiction authors will brainstorm together and produce a syllble story bible – a document that houses the worldbuilding.

“The Caribbean, as concept and space, is about diversity: it is our history, our culture, our genetic makeup. We are pleased, therefore, to work with and consider writing produced in this venture run by Syllble. Fiction, and speculative fiction in particular, is about crossing boundaries and imagining different futures, particularly for black, brown and queer bodies, is something all the more urgent now.” 

                                                           – Andre Bagoo, managing editor Moko Magazine

The story bible founders will design an overview of the fictional universe. As short stories get written the story bible is expected to grow. The best short stories will be short listed for Moko’s consideration.

For more information visit, or contact Fabrice at