The Chrome Seed


Bair Warburton-Brown

Spencer Shaw

Fabrice Guerrier


An alternate futuristic world set in 2053 inspired from our world, exploring profound themes such as awakening, artistic and cultural renaissance, artificial intelligence, and the struggle between humans and AI. It delves into questions of what it means to truly see and be sentient, the highest form of humanity, and the intricate relationship between technology and the environment.

Themes of the World

  1. Awakening: This theme encompasses various forms of awakening—spiritual, physical, and emotional.
  2. Artistic and Cultural Renaissance: The world experiences a resurgence of art and culture.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: The story explores when AI achieves sentience, particularly within the context of California.
  4. Humans versus A.I.: This theme delves into the differences between humans and AI, emphasizing that value does not equate to productivity, and it touches on ethics, morality, and agency.
  5. The Highest Form of Humanity: The story contemplates what constitutes the pinnacle of humanity, touching on the 4th dimension, consciousness, spirit, societal balance, and emotional intelligence.


Set in Los Angeles in 2053, the environment is characterized by innovative nature-inspired systems, rising sea levels in downtown LA, flooding in Santa Monica, and the use of toxic air purifiers and masks due to diseases and socio-economic disparities.

Technology and/or Magic System:

The world features a unique sight and vision system, with various levels of perception. It incorporates elements of soft magic and mysticism, including a sixth sense related to nature sensing and the reclamation of the mortal cycle.


The predominant culture rejects nature, but a demographic shift has occurred, making the U.S. an ethnic majority with a white minority. States like Texas, Florida, and California have seceded. California is now known as The Stardust Republic.

Primary Conflicts:

The central conflict revolves around the tension between reconnection with nature and the pursuit of immortality through artificial means.

Tensions in the World:

  • The world is divided between those embracing nature and those pursuing artificial immortality.
  • The Stardust Republic clashes with the United Collective, both ideologically and politically.

World News

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