Founder Fabrice Guerrier Speaks at World IP Day event Hosted by ITIF and the U.S Chamber of Commerce

World Intellectual Property Day is recognized on April 26, 2022. It is a celebration of creativity – innovators, creative people and diverse creators everywhere in their contribution to the economic sustainability of our world founded by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000.

Fabrice Guerrier, Founder and CEO of Syllble Inc., a sci-fi and fantasy production house, spoke on his vision of Syllble as the future of fanbase social commerce and social entertainment.

Syllble Studios establishes a strong foundation for Transmedia storytelling by bringing underrepresented creators from around the world to produce new fictional universes together with the goal of building a more creator empowered and creator owned industry.

It’s a great honor to speak at this high level event and tell the world my story on how I am innovating on IP at Syllble. Syllble has a process that works. I believe Worldbuilding is a powerful framework that organizes Syllble’s writers and creatives. It pushes them further. The many diverse collectives being built at Syllble is something entirely new.” says Fabrice Guerrier

Syllble now headquartered in Los Angeles, California, aims to explore over the next few years new collaborations, adaptations and licensing of its many Worlds and their stories across different mediums – Film, TV, gaming, merchandising, animation, comics and more – to elevate the voices of diverse and underserved creators in Entertainment.

Fabrice highlighted during his talk the Caribbean Sky Island World, Earth 2060 World, PENS DOWN’s Parallelia World and the recent partnership with Brittle Paper Magazine, which brings eleven established science fiction and fantasy authors from African nations to create a fictional world together that reimagines Africa’s past, present, and future. From these worlds Fabrice says many stories, unique characters and plot lines rises.

This panel included voices that work within intellectual property industries from music, literary writing to technology and healthcare.

This event is presented by Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, Geneva Network, Hudson Institute, the Center for Intellectual Property x Innovation Policy, Property Rights Alliance, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.