Founder Fabrice Guerrier Unveils His Second Poetry Collection, “No More Vagabonds, No More Obscure Wars”

Los Angeles, CA, November 27, 2023 — Renowned founder and poet, Fabrice Guerrier, takes readers on a profound literary journey with the release of his second poetry collection, “No More Vagabonds, No More Obscure Wars.” Published in Syllble Books, this captivating text transcends traditional boundaries, offering a poetic odyssey that explores the inner realms of existence, divine encounters, and the pursuit of one’s destiny.

In “No More Vagabonds, No More Obscure Wars,” Guerrier challenges societal norms and embarks on a cosmic journey through raw and unfiltered verses. The collection delves into pressing topics such as injustice, metaphysics, and the enduring beauty discovered amidst chaos. Readers will encounter a powerful commentary on our evolving world, accompanied by an invitation to think and feel differently.

Fabrice Guerrier’s unique voice and perspective shine through in this thought-provoking collection, encouraging readers to reflect on the complexities of the human experience. “No More Vagabonds, No More Obscure Wars” is a testament to the enduring power of poetry to inspire, provoke, and illuminate the path to a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.

The book is now available for purchase through Syllble Books on Amazon KDP and Paperback.

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